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    The Meeting

    Tina raised her brows, impressed, “you have a gallery? Where?”

    Bette’s smile slightly faded, “Los Angeles.”

    Tina smiled and nodded, pulling her hand back from Bette. “You’re not from around here?”

    Bette shook her head before pulling the blonde’s hand back in her lap, “no.”

    Tina licked her lips, “how long are you here for?”

    Bette looked up into the blonde’s hazel eyes-still playing with the blonde’s fingers, “2 weeks.”

    Tina smiled sadly before brushing away a curl that escaped from it’s hold, tucking it gently behind Bette’s ear.


    Tina shook her head, “it’s okay. I wasn’t expecting anything.”

    Bette furrowed her brows at that statement, “what do you mean?”

    Swallowing hard, Tina stood up and looked at Bette. “I think we have a connection.”

    Bette nodded eagerly, standing up as well, “I think so too.”

    Tina smiled sadly once more before turning and leaving the bar-headed towards the exit.

    Bette quickly looked over at Alice to see her engaged in a talk with some woman. Taking her phone out, she sends a quick text to the blonde and let her know she was leaving.

    Still seeing the back of Tina’s head, Bette quickly made her way out onto the busy street to see her leaning against the wall.

    “Where are you staying?”

    “A few blocks up the road,” Bette whispered, leaning forward to catch the blonde’s lips.

    Gently pressing her hands against the brunette’s chest, Tina cocked her head. “Well, let’s go.”

    Bette nodded, grabbing a hold of Tina’s hand and walking in silence down the street near the hotel.

    Tina stopped walking as Bette was leading them inside the lobby.

    “What’s wrong?” Bette asked, coming back out and leaning towards Tina.

    Tina smiled, “I just wanted to make sure you got home safe.”

    Bette furrowed her brows in confusion, “you’re not coming in?”

    “Bette,” Tina said as she took a step forward and gently brushed the brunette’s cheek-watching Bette’s eyes flutter, “this may sound a bit crazy.”

    Bette shook her head, leaning further towards the blonde, not being able to get enough of the blonde’s touch.

    “I can’t fall for you anymore than I already have,” Tina whispered against Bette’s cheeks.

    Bette’s eyes opened, looking into the deep hazel eyes.

    “You’re leaving in 2 weeks,” Tina whispered sadly. Gently playing with a dark curl, “let us just end it here.”

    Bette shook her head- her brain telling her that she should just stop-her heart telling her not too.

    “I’m no good for you, Bette Porter,” Tina smiled, kissing the brunette once more before slowly backing away. “Trust me.”

    “No-Tina,” Bette said, coming forward and pressing the blonde against a poll.


    Bette shook her head before kissing the blonde passionately. Her tongue snaking in and brushing against Tina’s as her hands wrap tightly around the black lace. Breaking the kiss, she looked up at the now dark hazel eyes. “I’m not going to drag you in there…but I don’t want to not see you again.”

    Tina swallowed hard, knowing that her heart is going to be broken soon enough-but powerless to say no. She nodded.

    Bette let out a sigh of relief as she leaned her forehead against Tina’s. “Can I see you tomorrow?”

    Tina nodded, “I’ll meet you here.”

    “Noon?” Bette whispered.




    1. ok. i just have to say, i am really digging this story, especially since it is reflecting characters residing in the Big Easy. I had to smile as i read this, as i live across the street from the french quarter.

      i could not help but feel this is a cross between American Horror Story and the Originals, both series seem to have also fallen in love with New Orleans and portrayed their stories and characters around the beliefs, customs and heritage of “the magic’s”. as i continued to read on through the chapters, i was wondering when madam LaLaurie would grace an episode, with my mind’s endless imagination getting the better of me and feeling tina’s “mansion” is actually the infamous LaLaurie house, my imagination began to wonder when madam LaLaurie would grace a chapter or two as this tale continued onward.
      Closing my eyes, i saw myself walking down Royal street taking in the sights and sounds that can be overbearing at times, but moments are found to respect the soulful sounds of the jazz piano bar echoing the ballads of days gone by. ah, but i digress…….

      so this “new” episode of an alternate reality…….me thinks bette is the new “angel” that can change tina. i do get the impression tina is tired of the centuries and history of conflict between her “family” and Marie’s “family”. Tina strikes me as more progressive and willing to bring her family into the future and the current century. whatever conflict happening appears to be happening between her mother and herself and any changes that may happen will be bette and tina becoming the power couple of the french quarter.

      my question burning in my mind is, “exactly how “old” is tina”? this story is so familiar and your telling of this tale is captivating. i have always appreciated your writing style and your telling of tales. excellent visualization and the story flows so easily, taking the reader through the streets of the french quarter past the crowds of people who are hell-bent on drinking in excess and not returning home until three days after they have arrived in the quarter just for that “one drink”.
      will the continuing chapters evolve into bette taming the dark side of tina and both bette and tina actually being the two who was foretold to be the ones who can salvage and tame the dark magic? can two opposite “families” who have been fighting each other for as long as anyone can recall, become as one and learn to coincide peaceably together in a city where anyone and everyone wants to hold and control the power of the city?

      thank you for sharing this excellent tale with us and I so look forward to reading more of this.

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