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    The Meeting

    “There was no fucking deal,” Marie laughed, leaning back against the chair.

    The blonde took another sip of her drink, “I’m trying to repair this relationship that my mother so desperately decided to fuck up.”

    Marie looked at the blonde, “Tina-look…”

    “No, you look,” Tina said sternly, standing up- her long-sleeved, black lace dress hugging her waist-line, “I’m not here to negotiate, Marie. You will stop.”

    “What happens if we don’t?” Marie asked, dark eyes twinkling in the light.

    Tina stood silently-her long black nails tapping against the glass, “don’t make me your enemy.”

    “You already are,” Marie responded. “Have been for generations. You expect it to change?”

    Tina put her dirty martini on the table. “It did change.”

    “Briefly,” Marie said, “until your mother screwed it up by attacking one of my girls.”

    “Retaliation,” Tina causally shrugged her shoulders. “You know what? Since this isn’t going anywhere, I’m just going to leave.”

    Marie watched as the blonde turned around to open the door, “Tina?”

    Tina turned around to stare at her, “what?”

    “Watch your back,” Marie smiled at the blonde.

    Tina ran her tongue over her teeth as she smiled, “you’ve been warned.” Turning around, she opened the door and walked out of the room.

    Jewel watched as the blonde confidently brushed past the beaded curtain, “you know Jewel, you might want to get something more- I don’t know…stable.”

    Bette turned around to see Jewel roll her eyes at the woman. Turning to the left, she felt her heart stop.

    Tina turned to look at the tan woman-dressed in a white suit. Brown eyes met hazel. Tina smirked, “I guess she is all yours.”

    Bette watched as the woman dressed in all black strolled past her, her shoulder briefly brushing against the blondes. Feeling a small jolt, she turned around and watched the mysterious woman open the door and disappear.

    “Bette?” Jewel asked, trying to gain the attention of the gallery owner.

    Turning around, Bette stared at Jewel.

    “This way,” Jewel said, gesturing towards the beaded curtain.

    Bette nodded, following the footsteps of the young woman. Opening the door, she saw an older African American woman sitting in a leather chair.

    “You must be Bette?” Marie asked, standing up to walk around her desk.


    1. ok. i just have to say, i am really digging this story, especially since it is reflecting characters residing in the Big Easy. I had to smile as i read this, as i live across the street from the french quarter.

      i could not help but feel this is a cross between American Horror Story and the Originals, both series seem to have also fallen in love with New Orleans and portrayed their stories and characters around the beliefs, customs and heritage of “the magic’s”. as i continued to read on through the chapters, i was wondering when madam LaLaurie would grace an episode, with my mind’s endless imagination getting the better of me and feeling tina’s “mansion” is actually the infamous LaLaurie house, my imagination began to wonder when madam LaLaurie would grace a chapter or two as this tale continued onward.
      Closing my eyes, i saw myself walking down Royal street taking in the sights and sounds that can be overbearing at times, but moments are found to respect the soulful sounds of the jazz piano bar echoing the ballads of days gone by. ah, but i digress…….

      so this “new” episode of an alternate reality…….me thinks bette is the new “angel” that can change tina. i do get the impression tina is tired of the centuries and history of conflict between her “family” and Marie’s “family”. Tina strikes me as more progressive and willing to bring her family into the future and the current century. whatever conflict happening appears to be happening between her mother and herself and any changes that may happen will be bette and tina becoming the power couple of the french quarter.

      my question burning in my mind is, “exactly how “old” is tina”? this story is so familiar and your telling of this tale is captivating. i have always appreciated your writing style and your telling of tales. excellent visualization and the story flows so easily, taking the reader through the streets of the french quarter past the crowds of people who are hell-bent on drinking in excess and not returning home until three days after they have arrived in the quarter just for that “one drink”.
      will the continuing chapters evolve into bette taming the dark side of tina and both bette and tina actually being the two who was foretold to be the ones who can salvage and tame the dark magic? can two opposite “families” who have been fighting each other for as long as anyone can recall, become as one and learn to coincide peaceably together in a city where anyone and everyone wants to hold and control the power of the city?

      thank you for sharing this excellent tale with us and I so look forward to reading more of this.

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