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    The Millionaire—Chapter 1

    -Los Angeles-

    “Hurry up Bette!…It’s about to start”

    “I’m coming Alice.  Hold your horses” Bette called out from the kitchen as she grabbed the popcorn off the counter and came into the living room plopping down next to Alice on the sofa

    “I can’t believe you actually went on this show.  You are an ass for lying to me saying you were going out of country on business” Alice admonished as she grabbed some popcorn out of the bowl and popped the kernels in her mouth

    Bette shrugged “I didn’t lie Alice..It was for business” she chuckled earning an eye roll from Alice.

    Their attention was brought back to the TV as the show in question was beginning

    “Hello everyone!  And welcome back to a brand new season of The Millionaire.  I’m your host Glen Zander.  And this season is unlike any season we have had before as this season’s millionaire will have 5 women and 5 men vying for her heart.  Yes for the first time ever, our millionaire is a woman and she is looking for love.  Our experts have searched through thousands of applicants and matched her to 10 single men and women in hopes that one will capture her heart.  Now let’s meet the Millionaire that will hopefully find the love of her life on this show”

    The camera pans to an arriving black stretched limousine as Glen stands waiting for the driver to open the door.  Out steps a tall brunette with a black floor lengths strapless dress with a slit on the side that runs up to her thigh

    “Damn Bette!…You clean up nice” Alice blurts out.

    Bette scoffs and rolls her eyes

    “Welcome to The Millionaire” Glen greets as the brunette smiles and shakes his hand

    “Thank you Glen.  It’s a pleasure to be here”

    “So tell us your name and why you decided to use the show as your platform to find love”

    “Well..I’m Bette Porter. I’m 33 years old and the CEO and heir of Porter Airlines. I chose to participate as this season’s millionaire to find love because I haven’t been lucky finding it on my own.  I have a successful career but as for my personal life goes not so much.  I figured why not give this a shot and see if I could actually find love with that someone to share my life with.  My heart has been waiting for someone special to claim it”

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    1. Interesting premise…. like to know more about why Bette choose to participate in this show. And why did Tina decide to be a possible “contestant”? Look forward to seeing future chapters.

      Amazing that people can write two stories or more at the same time….but glad to see more writing on the site…
      Thank you…

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