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    The Millionaire—Chapter 1

    “And what better place to do that than here in Venice,  Italy on this sprawling 100 acre estate overlooking the Adriatic Sea.  Plenty of secluded places to have those romantic rendezvous’ on your one on one and group dates wouldn’t you agree”

    “Very much so Glen.  Venice is one of my favorite vacation spots so to be able to find love on this show here couldn’t be more thrilling and I can’t wait to meet the men and women that could possibly be the one I choose finale night”

    “You are absolutely right Bette and speaking of those competing for your heart here comes the first limousine now”

    The camera pans in on the limousine and out steps a guy holding a single rose.  His short black hair is slicked back. His blue piercing eyes locking onto the brunettes as he smiles making his way to her.  He reached for Bette’s hand and place a chaste kiss on the top of it before letting it go

    Bette chuckles as she watches the scene

    “Hi Bette… I’m Timothy..Here is a rose for the most beautiful woman my eyes have ever seen”

    “He looks like a douche” Alice comments causing Bette to chuckle

    “Why thank you Timothy” she says as she sniffs the rose..I hope to talk to you more soon”  she says as he kisses her cheek and moves to toward Glen who motions him inside the mansion

    The next limo pulls up and a woman emerges.  She is very tall wearing a red evening dress with v neck cut and straps that cross in the back.  Her red hair is fixed up perfectly in a bun and her skin is flawless in its fair complexion. Very stunning

    “Jesus Bette…That girl oozes sex”

    “Shut up!” Bette scolds as she glares at the screen.  She wanted to tell Alice everything about her time on the show but she was bound by a non disclosure agreement

    The red head approaches Bette who was giving the red head a huge smile

    “Hi Bette..I’m Sophia…I can’t wait to get to know you better ” she greets shaking her hand and leaning in giving Bette a chaste kiss on the cheek

    “Likewise Sophia…You’re very beautiful” Bette says as the redhead winks at her and Bette watches as she makes her way into the mansion “She is gorgeous” Bette tells Glen who just grins

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    1. Interesting premise…. like to know more about why Bette choose to participate in this show. And why did Tina decide to be a possible “contestant”? Look forward to seeing future chapters.

      Amazing that people can write two stories or more at the same time….but glad to see more writing on the site…
      Thank you…

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