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    The Millionaire—Chapter 1

    Alice chuckles “You look smitten”

    Bette sighs and shakes her head

    Bette goes on to greet Harry, Alyssa, Grant, Penelope, John, Eve, and Richard.

    “So one more huh?” Alice comments

    “Of course” Bette answered

    “And the last woman trying to win your heart is pulling up now” Glen announces

    A blonde steps out in a green floor length strapless dress bringing out her hazel eyes..Her hair curled that bounced freely off her shoulders.

    “Holy Fuck Bette….She looks like a freaking model!” Alice exclaimed as the camera panned in on Bette’s expression before it switches in on the blonde smiling genuinely as she reaches her hand out to Bette who takes it in hers.  She holds it for a second longer than she did the rest

    “Hi Bette…I’m Tina and I’m hoping since I was lucky enough to be the last one you are greeting like this tonight I will be the one that stays on your mind ” she says giving Bette a wink..She doesn’t even wait for Bette to reply as she makes her way inside the mansion leaving Bette watching her disappear inside

    “Wow..I Uh….She left me speechless” Bette commented as Glen nodded

    “I guess I can ask the question now then.  Who stood out to you from those very brief introductions”

    Bette chuckled “Well Glen I can honestly say that Tina was right. She is definitely on my mind and extremely beautiful.  Sophia also made an impression as well as Harry and Timothy.  But really they all seem lovely”

    “Indeed.  So now it’s time to get to know them all a little better.  You will have one on one time with all 10 men and women tonight. How does that sound”

    “Sounds great Glen..I can’t wait to get to learn more and spend time with each of them”

    “Great.  We will get started right after this”

    The camera fades and a commercial appears in the screen

    Alice looks at Bette

    “You were awesome..So confident…Where did that come from?” Alice teased earning a slap from Bette who shrugged

    “I’m not sure..I just felt confident”

    Alice chuckled

    “I saw the way you looked at the red head and the blonde.  I can’t believe you agreed to having guys to date”

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    1. Interesting premise…. like to know more about why Bette choose to participate in this show. And why did Tina decide to be a possible “contestant”? Look forward to seeing future chapters.

      Amazing that people can write two stories or more at the same time….but glad to see more writing on the site…
      Thank you…

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