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    The Millionaire—Chapter 1

    “Well Al?…l did date guys in college even though I prefer women so I’m not opposed to getting to know them”

    “Ah…I see” Alice smirks


    Alice chuckles “They made you”

    Bette didn’t answer

    “Typical Hollywood” Alice replies earning a smile from Bette

    The screen fades from the commercial and the show comes back on with Glen and Bette walking into the mansion as they turn to face the 10 contestants

    Meanwhile: —New York—

    Two women are watching the same show side by side much like Bette and Alice

    “Now that introductions have been made it’s time to tell you that this years finale will be different this year…” Glen pauses as the camera pans in on all the faces stopping on the blonde for a second or two before switching back to Glen and Bette

    “The camera loves you Tina” the brunette says turning her head to give her friend a goofy grin

    “Oh shut it” Tina playfully slaps her

    All the contestants wait with bated breath and even Bette who looks rather nervous as to what Glen will say

    “The blindsides in these reality shows man…” the brunette remarks as Tina nods her head

    “You have no idea Dana” Tina replied..And she really didn’t because unbeknownst to Dana at this time was how production stirred up unnecessary drama during filming and probably 80% of it got edited to make someone look bad but nonetheless she would do it all over again she thought

    “…..This seasons finale will be live in front of a studio audience” Glen announces and there  wasn’t a closed mouth in the room after that

    Glen turned to Bette “What do you think about that news Bette?”

    Bette quickly closed her mouth and chuckled nervously “Well Glen…Love can’t be rehearsed or reshot if a certain word or gesture wasn’t captured so for me to hopefully declare my love and commitment to one of these ladies or gentlemen then being live to do so seems fitting”

    “Damn..She’s smooth” Dana comments and folds her arms tightly against her chest

    Tina remains silent but not before biting her bottom lip at the comment

    “So she hasn’t chosen anyone yet then?” Dana asks

    “No…Finale night is January 10” Tina states knowing she isn’t breaking any confidentiality agreements since the schedule was already published.

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    1. Interesting premise…. like to know more about why Bette choose to participate in this show. And why did Tina decide to be a possible “contestant”? Look forward to seeing future chapters.

      Amazing that people can write two stories or more at the same time….but glad to see more writing on the site…
      Thank you…

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