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    The Millionaire—Chapter 1

    “Well spoken Bette…Now we will get ready for our speed dating round with our Millionaire” Glen announces as he gestures for Bette to follow him but not before she glances at Tina as she passes by her on the end

    Dana giggles

    “She just eye fucked you Tee”

    Tina gasps “Dana!”

    Dana shrugs “What?…She did”

    Tina shakes her head as the scene changes to Bette sitting in a chair and an empty one in front of her..A table separates the two. The camera then switches to Glen

    “Ok Bette. You have 5 minutes with each lady and gentleman. Are you ready for the first lady?”

    Bette nods and smiles as the camera shows Glen opening the door and in walks Tina.

    Dana turned quickly to Tina “I knew it!” She exclaims then looks back at the screen

    Bette stands up as Tina reaches her. They both kiss each other on the cheek.

    “Hi” Tina greets as she sits down.

    Bette does the same “Hey”

    Tina crosses her legs as she looks intently but calmly at Bette who seems nervous as she clears her throat

    “So Tina?…Is that right?” Bette asks as Tina chuckles

    “That’s right..See.. I knew I would be fresh on your mind” Tina says smiling and laughing slightly.

    Bette seems to relax as she leans back in her chair before crossing her legs

    “So tell me a little about yourself Tina..I know that’s vague but it will give me a little more insight about you”

    “Well..I’m Tina Kennard..I’m 28 years old and I live in New York City.  I’m a magazine editor for Trinity Magazine and have worked there since graduating Columbia University 6 years ago”

    “Oh wow..Trinity Magazine..I suppose you were aware then of the article written about my airline a few years ago that was featured in said magazine” Bette says giving Tina a raised eyebrow

    Tina smiled confidently “Well I was the one that edited the article so of course I was aware..I was also the one who got Zachary Evans to interview you”

    Bette smirked and shifted in her seat trying not to make it obvious that the blonde was getting to her

    “So?..I have you to think for the exposure then”

    Tina nodded “Well..I happen to use Porter Airlines exclusively when I travel and have received such excellent customer service I wanted to make sure the world knew of who was responsible for that”

    Bette smiled shyly for a moment before containing herself

    “Well I’m very pleased that I was on the receiving end of such praise and it’s a pleasure  to hear that you have had nothing but wonderful experiences on my airline”

    Tina nods gazing intently into Bette’s eyes

    “Believe me…The pleasure definitely was all mine and it was only fair I returned the favor” Tina says as silence engulfed them for a brief moment as the two gazed at each other.

    They were both brought out of their trances as Glen knocked on the door and entered

    “Times up” he says as Tina rises from her chair

    “This was nice Bette..Thank you” she says as Bette stands up and grabs Tina’s hands pulling  her close and on screen it looks like just a kiss on the cheek until Tina nods slightly before leaving

    “What was that?” Dana asked looking at Tina

    “What was what?” Tina asked feigning ignorance

    “What did she say Tina?” Dana questioned again

    “Huh?…She didn’t say anything to me?”

    Dana scoffs “I saw you nod your head.  She said something to you..Please tell me what it was” Dana pleads almost begging

    Tina sighs and figured it wouldn’t hurt anything to lie to Dana but she knew Dana would see past it but who cared she thought

    “She said she looked forward to talking longer with me”

    Dana glared at her “You’re lying..Fine..Don’t tell me..But promise me after this is all over you will tell me what she whispered in your ear”

    Tina nodded “I will..I promise”


    A/N:  I hope you liked the beginning.  And as I said before—don’t worry I am going to update Boomerang soon

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    1. Interesting premise…. like to know more about why Bette choose to participate in this show. And why did Tina decide to be a possible “contestant”? Look forward to seeing future chapters.

      Amazing that people can write two stories or more at the same time….but glad to see more writing on the site…
      Thank you…

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