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    The Morning Of Honesty

    Tina walked into the kitchen, wearing shorts and a tank top, her hair messy from sleep, today she knew would be a day she would get to spend with Bette. she slowly started her morning routine of filling the coffee maker and switching it on.  She ran her fingers through her hair as she opened the large doors that went from the kitchen out to the pool area.  she took in the morning breeze that drifted in through the open doors before she starting looking in the fridge thinking what she could make them for breakfast.

    Bette came out of the bathroom and smiled that the house was starting to fill with the smell of expensive coffee. She went into their bedroom and dressed causally in a t-shirt and cotton trousers. Slipping her feet into her flip flops she walked out into the kitchen and smiled as Tina was stood looking at what they had in the fridge.

    “Morning babe, anything interesting in there?” Bette asked. As she gently slapped Tina’s ass.

    “Not really. We need to do a shop,”

    “The most boring of task.” Bette sat herself at the table and looked at the newspaper which Tina must have brough in from the mailbox.

    “We can’t have sex all the time.”

    “Why not?” Bette looked up.

    “Because we both have jobs and normal stuff to do,”

    “Boring stuff you mean.” Bette smiled softly.

    Tina shook her head. before closing the fridge and putting some toast in for them both.  She poured Bette a mug of coffee adding a single sugar and passing it too her.

    “There is nothing boring about you Bette.” Tina said as she slipped her arms around Bette’s shoulders.

    “I’d be worried if you were bored babe.” Bette laughed,

    “I’m not, you don’t need to worry,” Tina smiled.

    “I do worry,”


    “You, leaving me,”

    “What? Why would I?” Tina asked, moving and sitting onto Bette’s lap. Bette wrapped her arms around.

    “Everyone else has left me, I’m just scared you will do the same.” Bette admitted.

    “It would take a lot to make me leave.”

    “It would take one thing and we both know it that that’s if I ever cheated.” Bette replied.

    “You…you haven’t….have you?” Tina was suddenly scared, her words were almost whispered. She was scared of the answer. she knew she’d never been good enough for anyone. she got up off Bette’s lap and moved away.

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    1. I think they should see a counselor together. I think they are both afraid of losing the other one. Bette particularly has some abandonment issues that she hasn’t worked through. In the end, those issues we bury come back on us. I would hate for that to happen to this couple.


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