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    The Most Distance Course

    Adele makes her speech in an over dramatic way, Tina remains silence, her eyes are colder than ever.

    “Then you appear, my first great rival, what an honor, the first time I had to rack my brains to figure out how to win you.”

    I thought it was always Bette did the work. Tina mentally monks but she keeps silent, annoying with Adele’s speech. She’s worried about Shane, even she lowers her head, Tina can still see her wounds, looks really bad. Tina hopes that being quiet will quicken to end all this mess.

    “I’ve been thinking, what is her weaknesses? How can I do to make her realize who is the real boss in this school, how to make her understand the word ‘surrender’ means. I first tried some easy tricks, no hurting, just a few embarrassments, too bad it’s didn’t work, but…to be honest, I’m quite excited that finally someone really worth challenging. So, I tried something harder, asking my fellows to ask you nicely, by fist, of course. Who knows you can still survive after that? You are a legend, Tina Kennard, a fucking legend.”

    “I’m no legend, what I did is called self-defense.”

    “Yes, but a bit too professional don’t you think?”

    “Look,” Tina takes a deep breath. “If you really want to prove yourself the boss in school, go ahead, I have no intention to fight this title with you.”

    “This is not just about the title, Kennard, just patiently listen.”

    Tina silently listens to Adele’s speech, her brows narrow to a line, eyes are full of anger, her fists grasp so tight that she can knock down a big guy within a second.

    “You see, I have a reputation to keep, ever since these failures, I’ve been asking myself, how can I crush her? Obviously, you are really smart, none of us can beat your intelligence, even Bette.”

    Without any movement, Bette remains her grim outside, but mentally, she swallows a lump in her throat while Adele says her name, she doesn’t feel right, she can sense that something really bad is coming.

    “I’ve challenged different parts of you, your body, your intelligence even your ability, but there’s still one thing left…your soul.”

    Shane’s eyes wide open, she tries to shout out but her mouth is blocked, she struggles, attempting to escape those bullies, but this only brings her more bruises.


    1. Where were the teachers and school officials during this violent debacle on school property? I went to a tough school in NYC and fights like this were always broken up with people being suspended and expelled.

    2. Hi! I must say i don’t even know what to say about this chapter.

      I write earlier that i don’t like this Bette – well now i think this character not even human. Maybe trash and her future definitely to hook up with another trash like Adele, Kelly or Alice. Funny thing – i don’t think even if they all say that Bette”brain” of “GC” it’s true. Only one member of them has brain – and it’s Adele. And Kelly, Alice and Bette – just stupid, spoiled her pets without own opinion. I don’t buy any exuise for Bette to not protect Tina AGAIN (ha-ha Alice stopped her – it’s bullshit, Bette just too scared) or even worse – to give Tina’s painting to Adele (yes Bette if you think that you don’t want “friendship” witn Tina – you achive the goal)

      On this site there are some stories where even i, who loves Tibette, don’t want them together. Because authors made them to different or they to much hurt each other and abysm between them where to big. Your story is definitely one of them.
      I don’t think that Tina might trust this Bette ever again after this. And i don’t think that this Bette deserves something good in her life.

    3. I can only 😭😭😭 and be intense 😡😡😡

      What a mess, Bette, i am so disappointed and mad at you, you broke your promise to Tina and with that the little trust Tina had in people, in you!!!

      CJ,It will be interesting to see how you are going to clean up the mess they are all in.

    4. Hi CJ:

      Hard chapter, but unfortunately, I have seen these type of things in real life, when we were teenagers, sometimes our own friends gave us away, because of fear; in real life, sometimes children and even teens are cruel, because of the lack of maturity and commitment.

      I’m also amazed by the absence of teachers and guardians in the restaurant, not even the cooks and other employees went out looking for the teachers; I have seen a little resemblance to this scenario in other countries in very few schools, it was a long time ago, but not in the USA (the total absence of teachers in student’s conflict); but I think the only explanation is that Adele has terrified all students and employees in the restaurant and they are too scared to call the professors.

      Well, it looks like it wasn’t Bette the only one who betrayed Tina, it was also Shane, she confessed things to Adele, about Tina’s paintings, (perhaps about Tina giving Bette some of them), that is why she apologized with Tina when Adele removed the tape on her lips (if I didn’t misread).

      Shane did it because she was physically tortured, Bette, because of emotional manipulation, immaturity and lack of commitment; I said to myself that I couldn’t do that, but I was never in that situation, so I can’t judge but only feel pity for Tina and anger for Bette.

      As Bibi, I want to see how you are going to take them all from this mess.


    5. Hi CJH! I am trying to go back and read all of these stories that have been posted lately and slowly making my way to comment. I must say that this story has involved into a quite a conundrum for Bette and Tina.. I for one have seen this type of bullying and evilness from teens in high school. And it’s not out of the realm that the school faculty and staff turn a blind eye if they are influenced by prominent parents of those bullies. With that being said, I like the others that have commented will wait and see how Bette digs herself out of this hole she has created with Tina. Thanks!

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