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    The New York Sykline

    Tina stood looking out of the window in the apartment where their relationship had started, they had come to New York as Bette’s gallery had an important opening and Tina had decided to come with her. She had managed to fit some business meetings into the mix to make sure the trip was worth it. Her life had completed changed, it had been nine months since she had sat in that bar and made the chose to come here. Tonight for the first time she had been at Bette’s side for a gallery opening and she had been proud to be with her.

    Now she was stood, bare foot in her expensive dress, holding a glass of expensive wine, she was lost in thought, looking out of the city where their relationship had begun.

    Bette walked out the bedroom and smiled at the woman she knew she couldn’t live without. In the last nine months she’d discovered she could love someone and still have her lifestyle.

    Bette looked at the ring box in her hand. she walked over to Tina, before getting down on one knee beside her.

    Tina turned and looked at Bette, her hand going to her mouth. She looked at Bette, who was looking emotional, she could see all her love in her eyes.

    “Nine months ago,” Bette started, “I walked into a bar down town and saw the most amazing, sexy woman. I didn’t realise then that we would still be together nine months down the line. My life has changed, you’ve shown me love, care and romance. You’ve willingly given me your body, mind and soul. You’ve let me into your dark places and you’ve shown me a light. I love you beyond belief and I won’t to spend the rest of my life with you. Tina Kennard, will you marry me?”

    Bette had opened the box and inside was simple diamond ring that would suited Tina.

    Tina couldn’t help the tears than down her face.

    “Yes,” She whispered.

    Bette go up taking the glass of her hand and putting into onto the table beside them. Bette took Tina’s left hand and slipped the ring onto her fingers, before kissing Tina’s hand.

    Tina smiled looking at the ring, before she took Bette’s face into her hands and pulled her into a kiss. Bette melted into Tina’s kiss, Tina had a power over her that no one else had ever had.

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