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    The Night Before

    The night before, Bette and Tina were laughing and dancing and competing against their friends in a dance-off at the Hit club, where Kit and Sonny hosted the Children, Youth, and Family Service Dance Marathon on behalf of the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center.

    The 12-hour marathon was a fund-raiser in which singles and couples competed in three categories; Best Dance, Most Money Raised, and Last Couple Standing. All the monies raised benefited LGBTQ homeless youth.

    Bette was in an especially good mood and excited to relax and have a night out. She and Tina had been practicing their dance routine and were sure to be a shoe in for grand prize. She arrived at the event before Tina and was at the table registering for the dance contest when her neighbor Jenny Schecter approached reminding that she’d had a call from Jenny earlier that day.

    “Jenny, hi. Sorry I forgot to call you back I had a major collector on the other line. I just got distracted.”

    “Is Tina here?” Jenny asked appearing forlorn with long black hair hanging straight down her back, the bangs covering her eyes, and her black dress accentuating her pasty white complexion.

    “No. She’s on her way. She just had a meeting.” Bette answered still a bit distracted. She had her bag hanging on her left shoulder, her suit jacket on her arm and garment bag in her right hand. She laid the garment bag on the table to free up a hand to sign the registration log. The hostess had one ear giving Bette instructions about the evening while Jenny was muttering something in the other.

    “Can I, … can I.” Jenny stuttered. “I would like to talk to you in private please.”

    “Sure.” Bette said smiling brightly and thanking the hostess as she was handed the contestant number that had to be pinned to their outfits so the judges could identify them during the various competitions.

    She followed Jenny as she moved away to a quieter area of the room near the entrance. Jenny looked around to make sure no one was in earshot then she whispered, “did you tell her what happened?”

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    1. I am really glad that Tina trusts Bette. Tina is one smart cookie regarding Jenny and Kelly and seems to believe Kelly set it all up. We shall see. I for one still believe that Jodie should have been sued over the way she acquired the digital material she used for the Hammer exhibit as well as for defamation of character. I despised how Jodie behaved post the Pink Ride. Bette was her boss and she would not even abide by her contract and do her job. She strutted around like she owned the school. Jodie was not exactly pining away for Bette. Truly vindictive. I see zero reason why Bette would ever want to be her friend. And it drove me insane that IC had her win the dance contest. Such a waste of screen time.

      Excellent that the bad script writing is being fixed, however I must say that I have never regarded Bette as being deceptive in any way as that implies an intent to hurt or mislead. Bette never intentionally set out to hurt anyone. She did nothing to Kelly. She took crap regarding Les Girls from Jenny. She wanted to break up with Jodie and planned to do it. Alice took care of that. Mistakes? Yes she and Tina both made a few but I do not see Bette as being deceptive. So regarding the passage: “Upon self-reflection Bette knew that with her pattern of deceptive behavior, her habit of making unilateral decisions that lacked good judgement, and overestimating her ability to control situations, it was just a matter of time before it caught up to her” – I think calling Bette deceptive is somewhat extreme. If anything Bette was often used and victimized by others including Helena, Jodie, Phyllis, and Kelly. I truly hope this is not one more thing that Bette is going to feel that she deserves. Detest the serial cheater accusations. Yes, Bette does not always make the most well thought out decisions and at times does overestimate her ability to control situations however in my opinion this has never occurred due to any intent to do harm. In fact, she is typically the one who gets hurt the most by her missteps. That she allowed herself to jump into a partnership with Kelly knowing she is a viper defied logic and is an example of not taking the time to think through the right move.

      That being said bringing Elizabeth Berkeley into the show was an even more idiotic move than Bette trying to make nice with Jodie. Your depiction of Kelly as a snake is spot on. I love that Tina hates her from the get go: “They were talking about you as if I wasn’t sitting right there or couldn’t hear them. Then Kelly turns her big bug eyes at me and smiles with her giant teeth” Tina crosses her eyes and pushes out her upper lips and teeth as she says “Tina does it bother you that I flirt shamelessly with your girlfriend?” Bette can’t help but laugh at Tina’s impersonation.“ I also laughed at the impersonation. Just perfect!

      I hope Jodie is finally yesterday’s news – hit the rode miss I don’t like kids – and now that Tina is on the case – drop it Jenny. Close the curtains. You cannot hurt our girls. And can we just send Kelly back to Saved By the Bell? Screech can have her. Now it if off to see about Logan.

      • PREACH!!! I hated Jodie winning the dance off too especially since B/T basically set the stage on fire with their dancing and we never even saw what Jodie could do. I’ve said it before and I will say it again – lazy writing by the writers at Showtime. So glad we have this site to fix things.
        Also agree about the Hammer exhibit – how exactly does a deaf woman piece together an exhibit that depends so strongly on hearing what Bette’s out of context and sliced comments were? So different from her other work – basically welding junk together – that is stretches any plausibility
        I think I read some where that Elizabeth B is a good friend of JB? Explains why she was allowed on the show despite the fact that she can’t act. Foreshadowing of JB as a Producer on the GQ and hiring actors that can’t act. Sorry I will get off my soapbox.
        I really came on here to thank BAT for her excellent story but had to agree on Billy’s post. Happy Halloween everyone!

    2. I always wished you’d been the Writer on the L Word!

      Agree with much of what Billy says about Kelly and Jodi (hated both of them on the Show)

      Thanks for posting.. Looking forward to where you take us on this Story and to future Posts.

      Glad Tina believed Bette. Hoping you will keep TiBette united in fighting all comers rather than each other as I love it when they work together.

      Back in Lockdown here in my part of the UK!
      Stay safe

    3. Whew! Bette has now told Tina everything about Kelly, Jenny and also Jodi. I always thought the conversation in the bathroom with Jodi was so damn bazaar. If your version of what going on, well Kelly is just as luny tunes as Jenny. I am so glad Tina received the information as she did. I have always thought that Bette’s failure to tell Tina everything was her tendency just to get too busy with her job, her schedule and those things which were important to her at the moment. I can see that she would have just dismissed the whole Kelly incident as she made it clear that she was not interested and she put her in the cab and sent her on her way post haste. And unless there was some post incident flirtation from Kelly, she would treat it as over and done. But here come Jenny and then the conversation with Jodi and things do not look like they are over at all. Just what Bette and Tina need – more drama!

      Billy made a comment in past chapters on the “Core Values” project. She wondered where Jodi got all the vocal recordings of Bette’s voice and saying those rather derogatory phrases. She went on to ask did she record her or steal her cell phone or what? Well, it just occurred to me to ask how would Jodi have put this piece together in the first place? Jodi was deaf and would not have been able to hear a recording much less cut and splice a series of recording together to coordinate with a 360 degree slide show of still photos of Bette. In order to do the project, she definitely would have needed help. And the idea would not have originated with Jodie either. How is it that a deaf person decides to attach sound to a her art project? In fact it is the recordings which make the show so degrading. And that makes no sense whatsoever!. Jodi has never heard Bette’s voice or any voice for that matter.. They have never talked over the phone except with Tom as the interpreter. Bette could text her, but no voicemail. She lip reads and talks in sign language. She may could feel the vibrations of Bettes vocal cords and voice box when she is holding her close, but she never hears the sounds. This is a clever writer’s ploy for Jodi to have her revenge, but in the end, it makes no sense whatsoever.

      As to a lawsuit for defamation of character? That would be a tough one to prove. The voice was undeniably Bette’s voice and the word that were spoken were those spoken by Bette. And as long as there is nothing said that was not true or truly spoken by her in or about the project, then there is no defamation. For the defense against any defamation is truth. And a lawsuit on defamation of character is a civil suit for damages. Jodi probably has no resources. And once the project was out and heard by the public, there is no unhearing it. A lawsuit would only bring more attention to “Core Values” and more people would visit the Hammond and Bette would still be humiliated and devastated all over again. She might be able to sue on the basis of using her likeness and voice without permission – or basically thief or her personal property.. But then again, it would draw attention to the project. At best, Bette could then force the project out of public display. But no one would unhear those words or unsee those photos. And almost everyone who ever mattered to Bette was at that party except for Tina. In the end, its a cost versus benefit decision.

      This is a good story….brings back a lot of memories. Keep it going….

      • Hey Martha. My dear dear friend. I agree with both you and BK regarding the sheer lunacy of the Core Values story line. I suggested the legal avenue as the act not only defied logic but was also sadistic and cruel. This was not Jodi’s original exhibition piece. My but she was so quick. Somehow a deaf Jodi managed to acquire and edit together audio and visual snippets of our Bette speaking in most certainly private conversations. Was she hacked? Spied upon? Stalked? Certainly recorded without her consent. Let lunatic Jodi prove it was all legit. That Jodi could not hear the words implies she had help. Defamation is the oral or written communication of a false statement about another that unjustly harms their reputation and usually constitutes a tort or crime. Was Bette harmed and defamed? Well, let’s see – the Hammer should have stopped that fiasco before it started and made certain there was some kind of release. That the institution let Jodi do it at all puts them most certainly on the hook. Sorry Hammer. Asshole Preston and other CU staff laughed and gossiped about Bette to her face and behind her back. Threw that art magazine around. Get a lawyer Preston. Jodi refused to adhere to her contract and answer to Bette thus humiliating Bette. She should have been fired for the soap stone gun incident. Phyllis was a complete imbecile. Never called Jodi on the carpet. Jodi acted like a total diva. Bette lost her job; her livelihood – due to a ridiculously contrived convenient ‘harassment’ nonissue then Phyllis hits on her. Add Phylis and CU to the list. I always thought Jodi had an accomplice. So lets just add Tom, Max and Amy to the mix. If nothing else Jodi would have to produce the sources of the material used in her production. Let’s just throw everyone all at the wall and see what sticks. I can give you 17 reasons why this should happen and they are all the same: Because I – HATE – JODI – LERNER. And finally – because this storyline makes literally no sense – let’s also add Ilene and her cohorts just for giggles and my personal satisfaction. You have the right to remain silent ladies. Hauling Ilene into our court of public opinion would be ever so satisfying. Looking for jurors.

        Oh – and why should Bette do this? Because she is our Bette freaking Porter and really has nothing to lose AND has actually already won – she has Tina. Are you smiling? I hope so. Happy Halloween to all!!

        • WOW. Bravo!
          Maybe Max helped? Always thought Jodi needed someone with camera skills, ready to record secretly and whip it together. And I’m sorry IC but NO respectable studio allows an artist to show a piece of that magnitude without a preview. They would have had to test the sound system, the audio, the visual … all those ticket paying guests and Jodie surprises everyone. NOT A FAT CHANCE IN HELL. I am using all caps because a. it helps with emotion and b. no emojis.
          it’s all SUCH utter and complete bs. There is no way this happened in ANY universe.
          Keep smiling, Martha, we got you.

        • I’m laughing my ass off…. surely we can let Max slide. Surely he didn’t help, but if he did, absolutely include…. yes IC is ultimately responsible… some crazy story line.

          There was something about “Core Values” that bugged me, but I could not put my finger on it until you question where she got the recordings….. for a person who cannot hear, how would she know what she had if she stole it. I too dislike Jodi immensely. I always thought she felt like a victim of life and set out to dominate everyone and everything she came in contact with. I never understood Bette and Jodi getting together in the first place. Their first love scene was totally ridiculous. And why did Bette cry? What did I miss? Every scene with Bette and Jodi, she was rude to Bette except maybe the pot smoking scene. Bette was not even close to being interested in Jody. Then after that damn dinner when Jodi said she didn’t like children, that should have been the end of Jodi. Jodi was a very poorly written character. She could have been written to be a much more sympathetic attractive person than she was. But she was a bitch from the word go and I never could see what Bette saw in her….

          Thanks Billy for your response….


          • Yes to all and Jodi kissed like a flounder. Zero on screen chemistry. Written so poorly. Bette ordered the check right after Jodi’s comment about kids and she should have never looked back. Why was Bette crying? Hmmm. Maybe JB realized that Jodi’s welded pile of junk was symbolic of the convoluted storyline she was about to enter.

    4. Hi BAT,

      Thanks for the update & tying up some loose ends from OG. IC was famous for starting storylines & then just dropping them without a conclusion.

      Agree with Billy’s & BK’s comments.

      Thought the storyline with Jodie was terrible – they had sub zero chemistry. I admire Marlee Matlin as an actress, but the role of Jodie was too bizarre. The only thing they had in common was art & even that was controversial .
      That Hammer exhibition on Bette was just ridiculous – how in the world could Jodie have gotten some of that video or pictures??? That wasn’t explained.

      Elizabeth Berkley – attractive, but no acting skills. Tina should have flattened her when they first met

      It would be nice though if you could still find a way to eliminate Jenny like forever – make her disappear!!!!

      Let’s hope that Marcie is okay & Logan can come home with Bette & Tina soon.

      Thanks so much.


    5. The Bette and Jodi storyline should never have happened, but since it did I wish it was one of those that just went away without explanation but unfortunately Jodi kept coming back season after season up until the finale. I would have ended their affair when Jodi left Bette to go back east. The whole 17 reasons episode was a crock – Bette and Tina were at the perfect place in their friendship to start on their journey back to a romantic relationship. Tina had already expressed to Kate that she wanted Bette back. All she had to do was make her move. It would have prevented them getting back together through an affair, and would have saved Bette a lot of public humiliation and private heartbreak.

      Bette’s character would never be attracted to Jodi much less have a long-term relationship with her. It was forced and unrealistic and it showed onscreen. Zero chemistry and like Billy mentioned Jodi kissed like a flounder. I know MM got the job because JB wanted her on the show but I wonder if they wrote the Jodi character for her, or if they cast her as Jodi and maybe the Jodi character was supposed to be different. Either way it was a casting error of such magnitude that it explains why anyone that liked Bette hated Jodi for her.

      Kelly was another joke. I write her as a caricature with the bulging eyes and protruding teeth because that’s how I see her. Totally unnecessary new character and storyline that was introduced to once again disparage Bette’s moral character and good intentions.

      That Core Values episode broke my heart, especially when you see Bette practicing her speech with Tina, and they are in the car and Angie says ‘Jodi’ from the back seat and Tina says something like Angie and Jodi are so close we need to find a way to keep her in her life. All that time I was like WTF – Bette also said something about talking to the curator and hearing that it was amazing and one of Jodi’s best works or some sh*t. I don’t remember the lines but she praised it. Obviously she’d either not seen it, hated Bette too, or had no morals. A respectable museum or any venue would never have allowed that piece to be shown publicly.

      As for how Jodi got the audio/visual she could have filmed or recorded some of that herself on her phone. She could read lips, but you have to remember Bette was somewhat of a public figure so there is probably footage of her online if you recall the Provocations episode Faye Buckley had misrepresented what Bette said so how easy would it be to get clips from the internet and splice them together. Also remember sleazy Mark and his friend Gummy that hid cameras all over Jenny and Shane’s house. What’s to say someone like him wasn’t hired. I don’t think Max had anything to do with it, but he definitely had the skill and who knows what Tom might have gotten him to do.

      For me the most bizarre thing about Jodi and Bette was Bette herself. Jodi denigrated her, she disrespected her, she devalued her, she humiliated her, she cheated on her, caused her to resign from CU, she dismissed her and treated her like sh*t yet Bette is like a puppy that gets kicked and still loves the person that mistreats him. She spends who know how much money to ship that metal piece of junk across the country, then pays for an airline ticket, rents a car and tractor and the labor to load it to bring her back? When she had a beautiful woman and child that loved and cared for her at home.

      Bette was her worst enemy most times, but I love her. Jodi, Kelly, and Jenny aren’t going to get away without some accounting for their actions in my story: remember it’s a different outcome.

      • Goody goody goody!!! Yes, it would have been so GREAT if Bette would have gone in for a second and longer kiss. Seems the writers were bound and determined not to make it easy. Would love to have some juicy Jodi Lerner payback. Jenny, Kelly, and Jodi – The Three Stooges. And yes, Jodi really treated Bette like crap. And Bette took it. No idea why. The group of friends all seemed to like Jodi so much – even Kit. Shane and Jodi were good buddies. Yuck! Maybe Bette felt like she had to prove to them and herself that she could make a relationship work. Yet Tina was right there ready and willing almost the entire time. And yes, I always thought that woman at the Hammer either disliked Bette or had not seen what Jodi had actually done. Regardless of where Jodi got her materials – she had to have help. Given how poorly the show was written we are lead to believe the exhibition took place shortly after the Pink Ride and the breakup. Would have been very difficult to assemble all of that material that quickly and create a new exhibition piece. But what am I even trying to do here – applying sense or logic in any way to that convoluted story line is a waste of time. Cannot wait to learn how you nail them all. Good stuff!

    6. I always wondered how Jodie made all these recordings, really strange! I also didn’t like the way Bette’s so-called friends were reacting to this shit (especially Shane), they were all glued to Jodie, apologizing to her, it was really annoying and disloyal to Bette …

      As for Bette, she is always on the verge of falling into her old ways, it’s nice to get compliments, but we all know it’s a dangerous game and Bette handles things like that very poorly and unfortunately everyone knows it !

      I can’t wait to see what those 3 psychos (4 with Nadia?) will do …

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