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    The Night Is Young

    Bette grinned as she sat on the sofa a class of whiskey in hand, her eyes looked on Tina. she knew she was being cruel. Tina’s hands were above her head, resting in leather cuffs, the cuffs were on chains that went through a hook in the celling. It put Tina on display like a piece of art. Tina was completely naked, her feet flat of the floor. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the bondage.

    “You look so fucking good, your nipples are hard. your pussy is dripping, mmm perfect.” Bette said before taking a drink of her whiskey.

    Bette noticed the soft smile on Tina’s face. she was in heaven. Thinking about what was going to happen.

    “Do you feel sexy?

    “Yes Mistress,” Tina admitted.

    Tina dropped her head, she was blushing and she knew it was all over her body. Bette watched amused. She loved this woman and she loved that she would give herself so freely.

    There was a soft knock on the door and Bette smiled, getting up slowly she opened the door, she dropped the latch and went onto the large porch looking at  Anya,

    “I just want a quick word before we go in and games began.”

    “Sure Bette.” Anya smiled, she knew it was sometimes hard to share a pet but she couldn’t help that she was attracted to Tina.

    “As I said before, no pain, it does nothing for Ti, she enjoys a light spanking but nothing too hardcore. She gets off on bondage more than anything else.”

    “I won’t hurt her,

    “No leaving a mark on her, no biting. I don’t want her marked. She’s got a high powered job and the last thing she wants is questions at work. Tina is very innocent. before me she didn’t do this. treat her with the care and respect I expect.”

    “I will,” Anya could see the love in Bette’s eyes. she understood that this woman loved her woman.

    “Finally, she does like a little name calling during sex. But don’t go overboard. We’ve played before and the person took it too far.”


    “Come in,” Bette moved and opened the door letting Anya in.

    Anya smiled when she saw Tina, naked, and in chains.

    “Wow,” Anya said as Bette closed the door and locked it. “You’ve got one fucking sexy wife Bette.”

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    1. I love how protective Bette is of Tina.

      It’s good to see Bette taking small steps with Tina in this BDSM lifestyle. Bette sets clear rules when they invite another woman and gives Tina the space to be herself and let her indicate what she wants.

      You can clearly see that they love and respect each other. They trust each other and that is so important in this lifestyle.

      Great story!

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