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    The Night Out

    Tina stood at the bar, tonight she was wearing a form fitting black and purple dress, her hair up and out of her face, showing her neck and cheekbones. She knew she looked good, she’d seen the looks when she and Bette had walked in and everyone’s eyes had been on them. Bette had noticed that women were looking at her woman and that made her proud.

    The bar tender walked over.

    “What can I get you ma’am?” He asked politely

    “A bottle of red, whatever you would recommend please, two glasses.”

    “Coming up,” he moved off.

    “Hi,” An English accent said beside her.

    “Hello,” Tina turned and smiled at the dark haired beauty beside her,

    “Are you alone?” The woman asked, getting a little close to Tina,

    “I’m with my wife,” Tina said, she also wanted to say mistress, but she wasn’t sure she could say that to a complete stranger, even in a bar that was known to be filled with dommes and subs.

    “And she’s left you alone at the bar, doesn’t she know that anyone could come up to you and try it on.”

    “Like you?” Tina raised her eyebrow.”

    “Like me, You’re very open for a submissive.” The woman said.

    “How do you…” Tina was shaking slightly.

    “You keep looking around for her, your protector. You also don’t have the air of domme. Tell me your name?”

    “Tina Kennard,” She couldn’t help but answer. there was something about this woman.

    “Agh, I’m Anya Simpson.” The woman smiled.

    “Nice to meet you,” Tina said as she paid for the wine the bar tender brought her.

    “Who is your wife?” Anya asked, she didn’t know the Kennard last night.

    “Bette Porter,” Tina said, smiling.

    “Jesus you’re the woman who has caught the attention and managed to keep Bette Fucking Porter?” Anya grinned.

    “Yes, I suppose I am.”

    “Take me to your Mistress,” Anya said,

    Tina took a deep breath and nodded before walking over to the table that Bette was sat in, she was on the phone, she smiled at Tina as Tina put the bottle of wine down and two glasses, Tina sat close to Bette as Anya stood beside the table,

    “Bette Porter,” Anya smiled,

    “Anya, it’s been a while,” Bette said,

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