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    The Notes

    Tina walked into the house after a long week at work, she’d had a lot of catching up to do after being away for week, but she didn’t care, it had been worth it. her work friends had been shocked that she had returned married. Not that she cared, there was something about Bette, she wanted to spend the rest of her life with this woman. she turned the lights on dropping her bag onto the sofa, she was a little shocked that Bette wasn’t home. she looked around and saw a single white rose on the table, with a note beside it. she walked over, frowning.  She picked up the note that was written in Bette’s neat, controlled hand.


    My Ti,

    Tonight we are going to do something a little different. Tonight I’m not claiming you as my wife. I’ve done that. WE’VE done that. Tonight, I’m going to claim you as my Pet. You will submit to be completely. You are mine for the taking. I remember walking into the bar in New York and knowing that I had to take a chance and you and I did. You know that I’ve never felt this way about anyone. you complete me. I was born to dominate you and tonight I will prove it. A car will pick you up at 8.30.


    That was the end of the note but Tina knew there was more to this than meet the eye. She smelt the rose before walking into the bed room, on the bed was another note. She smiled this time, picking it up.


    My Pet,

    I have a request, a little request. I would like you to wear something sexy for me, something that will make me wet, yet saying that just looking at you can make me cum. I want stockings and a garter belt. I don’t care about your panties, they won’t be on long, but you must wear some. Not like our wedding night. I would like a lacy bra, maybe one of those sexy ones I know you keep in the bottom draw of the closet. Clothes, I would like easy access to you. you can chose whatever but remember I need access. Also pack and over night bag, bring comfortable clothes to come home in. you will need two nights worth of stuff. I’m waiting Pet, remember the car is coming at 8.30

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