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    The Overprotective One

    Bette smiled as she sat in the arm chair next to the bed, smiling as Tina lay on her stomach, her arm under the pillow, her naked body barely covered by the sheet. Bette lifted her coffee to her lips and smiled. she moved the curves of her woman’s body, her wife had an ass that was good enough to eat. Bette lifted her eyes from Tina’s butt to her blonde hair that spilt out onto the pillow. Tina had fallen asleep in her arms last night after they thrown Sarah out. Bette regrated every letting her into house. she knew the minute she had slapped Tina’s face she had to make her leave.

    Tina enjoyed a spanking on her ass, and she loved having her clit slapped when she was being fucked, however Tina wasn’t into pain. Bette had meet women who got off on pain, she’d been with women who got off on pain, but Tina was different. She enjoyed aspects off it but she didn’t want it. she wasn’t about to cane her or get a paddle out to punish her as she knew it would do nothing for Tina and could mean Tina being turned off completely and that was the last thing Bette wanted. she wanted her woman to enjoy the sex, she wanted Tina to be turned on. she wanted to be able to take her and them both enjoy it.

    Bette felt overprotective of Tina now. Tina was her wife, she wasn’t just a woman she’d picked up in a bar, she was her lover, her friend, and her wife. Bette wanted to make sure that Tina always felt comfortable when they played. She wanted her to know it was safe and she could totally lose herself in the feeling of being fucked. She wanted her wife to explore things she’d never explored.

    Tina was still very innocent, even with everything they had done so far, Tina was still learning. She was reading books and Bette knew she had joined an online group to talk about things. it was very important to Bette that Tina felt safe and wanted and was 100 per cent on board.

    Bette sipped her coffee, still watching her wife sleep. She was glad that Tina liked the condo. It was to be their play area. She’d designed it with their play in mind. She could make sure all fantasy’s were fulfilled.  She had her own that she hadn’t spoken to Tina about yet. She wanted to make sure that Tina had experience of a number of different actives before she told Tina some of her darker side.

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