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    The Plan in Motion

    Bette and Tina were finally home after spending three days at Bette’s cabin planning, organizing, and reconnecting. They drove back to WeHo late in the night, arriving at Bette’s gallery around 3AM. From the outside it may have seemed odd, but Tina had a plan and maintaining the upper hand was paramount. When they arrived at the gallery, James met them to drive Bette’s car to his house for hiding, and Shane picked them up to take them home. As an extra measure of precaution, Shane dropped them off around the corner from their home figuring if Candace was surveilling the house they would see her before she saw them, and could hide in the dark instead of being seen getting out of Shane’s car. Tina had been shocked at the appearance of the living room and bedroom upon their return. After she upturned the bedroom in her search for clues, and then her destructive fit of rage in the living room upon seeing the video of Bette’s abuse, she expected to return to a mess. However, it appeared their loyal and dear friend Shane had been very busy while “house sitting” for them over the past few days. Having aligned several necessary elements of their plan with Kate – the Detective – and Kit, they were now watching Shane set up hidden video and audio in their living room before they finally set the plan in motion that will hopefully end this nightmare for good.

    Bette paces around the room. “So, is there a certain place I need to stand to make sure I’m on camera?”

    Shane stops what’s she’s doing and moves to her friend. She rests her hands on Bette’s shoulders to stop her movement.

    “Calm down Bette. You and Tina have worked out a flawless plan, and I know you won’t have troubled finally standing up to Candace – you know she has no power over you. BUT! If she does try anything, Tina and I will be just in the other room watching on the monitor – we won’t let anything happen to you. I’ve set up multiple cameras from different angles, so as long as you’re in the living room, foyer, or dining room it will be on film. Don’t worry, you got this!”

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