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    The Playroom

    Bette opened her shirt and removed her panties as she put the strap on, on. She was letting Tina hang there, having her feelings. She knew that Tina was overwhelmed but she wanted to enjoy this. She was finding she had a connection with Tina that she hadn’t expected to have.

    Bette turned back to Tina and saw she was relaxed. She gently united her, kissing her wrists as she did and gently sat her onto the bed. She kissed her softly on the lips. Tina melted her. Bette pulled away smiling

    “Lay down,” Bette demanded,

    Tina moved to the middle of the bed and lay down. Bette moved around the bed and tied her hands up to the corners of the bed, leaving her legs free.

    Tina felt her hair falling over her face and she wanted to move it. Bette smiled and reached over and in a very gentle gesture moved Tina’s hair out of her face.

    Tina was completely overwhelmed with emotions. She loved the bondage. She loved being helpless. Yet she felt complete and safe. She couldn’t explain it. Her body relaxed completely the moment that Bette had put the cuffs back on. She needed this. She couldn’t explain the power this woman had over her. she wanted this. She needed this and she was glad to be experiencing this.

    Bette took her in, she knew what Tina was experiencing. She wanted to give her everything.

    “Remember the safe words,”

    “Yes Mistress,” Tina whispered breathless.

    Bette finally got onto the bed, she opened Tina’s legs. Then she decided she wanted to do try something. She turned Tina onto her stomach, crossing the cuffs, something she’d had built into the hardness in the bed. She took in the peachy ass. She was enjoying Tina’s pale skin. Bette pulled Tina onto her knees. Her head down on the pillow. She ran her hand over her back, listening to Tina’s soft moans as she did so. Bette smiled to herself as she spanked Tina’s ass. Tina moaned louder. Her body reacting.

    Bette moved forward and slowly pushed the toy into her. Tina gasped, it was bigger than the man she had been with and she felt full just with the tip in her. Decided to push the whole toy into Tina.

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    1. I think I like this direction better than the original version. I am rereading that one now to keep up with the differences and to reacquaint myself with the story line. Please post soon can’t wait for what comes next.

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