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    The Projection of Love

    Bette watched as Tina’s works were brought into the gallery. Tina was nervously stood to one side, watching as an expert team slowly put the pieces where they were to be displayed. In three day’s it would be opening night and the place would be filled with the art press, critics and the public. Tina rubbed her arm as she stood to one side, her watching as one of her darker pieces was brought it. a black and white piece that was filled with dark emotions, that she’d called ‘cloud of darkness.’ Naming the pieces hadn’t been as easy as she had thought. usually she had numbered them all but this was her first full solo show and she wanted to do this right.

    Bette walked over and could see how nervous Tina was.

    “Are you okay?” Bette asked, standing close not making contact with Tina, who still wasn’t great with open public displays of affection.

    “Nervous, you’ve made the space very open. I love the natural light in here. it’s amazing.”

    “It will bring out the colours in your work better,” Bette smiled as James walked over and passed her a piece of paper,

    Yesterday they had started to list the paintings on the website and had put all of them apart from Naked up for sale. Tina had no idea how much each painting was worth.  She had been too bothered about them being moved into the gallery to even ask Bette.

    Bette grinned. I wide smile. she couldn’t believe it.

    “If I could jump up and down in these heels I would right now,” Bette laughed.

    “Why?” Tina looked at her through half closed eyes.

    “Because ‘the bloom of orgasm’ has sold for $900,000.00.” the painting was what she had painted after her first orgasm it was a colourful piece that had been all the colour she had seen when Bette had made love to her.

    “What?” Tina’s jaw dropped. She hadn’t thought any of her pieces were worth that much. She had been selling pieces for years and getting no where near as much as this.

    “I could ask for whatever I wanted. I can value your painting at whatever price I see fit, but Jonathan does that, it’s not even the most expensive piece but it as sold, and the prints of it have already sold out. James,” Bette turned to her assistant as Tina pushed her hands into her jeans pockets and shifted from one foot to the other. She couldn’t believe this was happening. after all the crap in her life. even when she had found love she had never expected her art career to take off and here she was.

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    1. It will be a amazing show!

      She already sold one piece for almost a million dollar, wow! And the first time in three years she will make a profit? Can’t believe that.

      Tina deserve the succes after everything she went through and she found the love of her life in Bette.

      I hope the evening is a succes and that she doesn’t stumble to much. She has Bette next to her side and Bette will help her to get through the evening.

      Thank you for the update!

    2. I am so happy for Tina. Nothing like success in your chosen field to bring happiness and a smile. And this will boost Bette’s gallery as well. Now, what will the future bring?

      It is obvious that Bette loves Tina… and Tina loves Bette. Let’s see if Tina get another show and if she will be as hard pressed to produce so many pieces for the next show and where it will be. Bette may want to do a show in Paris for Tina to introduce her to the European market.

      Very happy chapter. Glad things are going well. Hope to see Bette and Tina’s relationship grow. Give us more when you can.

    3. I agree with the comments above. Tina deserves every bit of success and there is nothing better than rooting for the underdog. She has been through so much. Hope the opening is not too overwhelming for her but I feel like Bette will have it all under control. I’m surprised Peggy didn’t buy the orgasm piece, that seems right up her alley. LOL
      Thanks for the lovely chapter!

      • Art shows and galleries are not like retail stores. You must wait until the show is over – days or weeks later to get your purchase. They remain so the viewing public can see the exhibit. The opening is usually a specific night in which cocktails and hor-d- orves are served in which the artist is usually there to be interviewed. Exhibit is when the works are available to be viewed but the artist is not present for questions or comments. Usually staff is available to conduct sells transactions until the exhibit is over. Most galleries are first come first served on purchases, but no delivery until exhibit is over.

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