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    The Protection of Porter

    Bette opened the door to the condo and stepped out of the way to let her wife into the house first. Tina stepped in and stood in the middle of the living room. They had enjoyed a quiet meal together at one of their favourite restaurants. Bette had ensured that Tina had enough to eat and that her and the baby were healthy.

    Bette closed the door and flicked the light switch. Looking at her wife stood in the middle of the room her head down. Bette walked over and slipped her arms around her wife’s waist and kissed her neck, gently biting and running her teeth along Tina’s neck listening to her moan.

    “You need a reward.”

    “What for?” Tina asked as Bette’s fingers undid her blouse.

    “Standing up for yourself against that asshole you work with. Tonight you can cum whenever you want but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop,”

    Tina moaned she knew that her mistress wanted her.

    “I’m going to fuck you in so many different ways. I am going to take you from behind. I’m going fuck you till you are screaming.” Bette removed Tina’s blouse and unhooked her bra, she took her wife’s nipples into her fingers pinched them make Tina moan. “I want to fucking hear you, every moan, every gasp. I want to her it do you understand?” Bette pulled Tina’s nipples again, rolling them, making her scream.

    “Yes Mistress.” Tina’s nipples were overly sensitive since she had become pregnant.

    “Strip and wait there.” Bette demanded as she went up stairs. she went into the draw next to the bed and took out a strap on with a slightly thicker toy than normal, a butt plug, some ropes and cuffs she knew what she wanted today.

    Bette walked back down the stairs and smiled as Tina stood naked in the middle of the living room waiting. She went down and putting the toys and ropes onto the sofa and picked up the bottle of lube from the table.

    “Kneel on the sofa, facing the back of the sofa, with your legs apart.” Bette demanded.

    Tina did as she was asked, her body shaking with need. She felt Bette come behind her and take her wrists, locking them together in front of her, to ensure that she hold onto the sofa.

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