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    The Return of Alpha Bette

    It had been six months since the birth of their son and they had slowly returned to normal life, well normal enough for them.  Tonight they were finally returning to the condo, Bette had been paying someone to keep it aired for them. She put the car into park as she pulled into the driveway and looked at her wife, Tina had her hair up and was still wearing the suit she had worn for work. she looked good. Tina had return to her pre baby weight slowly and had toned up with it.

    “Xander is fine, tonight he is with his Auntie Kit, who is going to spoil him as much as you can for a six month old baby and she will call if there are any problems.”

    “I know,” Tina smiled and reached out and gently touched her wife’s hair knowing that as soon as they went into the condo power would be lost. “I love you, I want you to know that.”

    “I do know that. I love you too. You’ve given me everything I have ever wanted and today I’m claiming back my pet, not my wife, who I must say is very sexual and the love making we’ve had these last couple of months has been amazing. not my best friend or even my lover. My pet. My play thing. my slut.”

    Tina gasped at the word. Bette had never called her that. Bette smiled enjoying the reaction she was getting from her wife.

    “Shall we?” Bette asked

    “Yes please,”

    Tina got out of the car and followed Bette into the condo. Taking a deep breath as the door closed behind her. The outside world was lost to her. She stood just inside of the living area, her hands at her sides, her eyes sliding shut as her body completely relaxed.

    Bette turned and looked at her wife and smiled.

    “Strip” Bette’s demand was soft as she walked over to the wine fridge and took out a bottle she inspected it. watching from the corner of her eye as Tina followed her command. She had been scared that she wouldn’t still have this power but she knew better. Bette opened the bottle and took a glass from the counter, she poured herself a large glass and took a sip as Tina finished placing her expensive suit onto the chair near the door.

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