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    The Right Time

    Tina opened her eyes as the light came through the massive windows of Bette’s New York apartment. she rolled onto her back, not caring that the sheets weren’t covering her. she lifted her left hand, looking at the ring that Bette had bought for her, she loved it. she watched as the light reflected off it. She loved their life, their wonderful life. she loved the difference between when they played and their lives away from it.

    Bette rolled over and smiled at Tina, she ran her hand along her lovers stomach, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin under her fingers,

    Tina relaxed. turning her head towards Bette.

    “I love you,” Tina whispered.

    “I love you too,”

    “I can’t believe you asked me,”

    “Why? You know I love you,”

    “You’re the great Bette Porter, when you first walked into the club, that first night…” Tina stopped.

    “Go on,” Bette said, snuggling into Tina’s side,

    “There was a bunch of women, and you walked in and they got excited because they knew that you would take one of them home, you were the talk to of the club, every woman in that club wanted to go home with you. There was me, sat on a stool, trying not to draw attention to myself yet you still chose me.”

    “Do you know why?” Bette asked, she gently moved her fingers over Tina’s stomach.

    “No,” Tina admitted,

    “Because Tina Kennard, you were the sexiest woman in the room, I was drawn to you. I watched you for about ten minutes, you were looking into the glass and you looked so scared.”

    “I didn’t want to come out,” Tina admitted. “I was scared,”

    “You didn’t have too, I walked over to you and the moment you looked at me I knew you’d submit to me, I didn’t know I would fall in love with you.”

    Tina turned and kissed Bette’s lips, softly.

    “I didn’t mean too, the moment you handcuffed me to the bed down the hall I knew I wanted more. You’ve opened my eyes Bette, I love you completely. I can’t wait to be your wife. I want to be with you. you’ve made sure I’m loved, you’ve shown me my true self baby, you’re sexy and I see the way women look at you, and some men. You don’t judge me. you just love me.”

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