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    The Royal Family

    Later, Bette and Tina are still lounging in bed. As she rests against Bette’s chest, Tina smiles down at their intertwined fingers.

    Tina: So, what now?

    Bette: Whatever you would like, name it and it shall happen.

    Tina looks up at Bette.

    Tina: How about we start with breakfast….

    Bette’s smile disappears as she looks at the clock on the wall.

    Bette: Shit, I forgot about morning meal.

    Tina: Oh, do you have to go?

    Bette plops her head back on her pillow

    Bette: Yes, unfortunately……

    She then looks down at Tina and smiles.

    Bette: You shall accompany me, yes?

    Tina blushes and shakes her head.

    Tina: I don’t wanna intrude.

    Bette leans in and places a loving kiss on Tina’s lips.

    Bette: You are the love of my life….my future wife. You are no intruder Tina Kennard.

    Tina: I’m not sure your father has that same sentiments, baby

    Bette: I do not care…

    Tina: I know, but I do. I wanna do this thing right I think we need to ease your family into everything.

    Bette: I want to insist that you accompany me.

    Tina: I know, but I don’t want you to…I also want you to be patient when you tell them that we are moving in together.

    Bette: I am always patient.

    Tina smirks at Bette.

    Bette: Most times….

    Tina: Just inform and then allow them to have their reaction baby.

    Bette:(sighs) Very well…. I shall show patience and humility.

    Tina smiles and kisses her girlfriend.

    Tina: Thank you…. you go to your morning meal and I’ll head home and break the news to Dane…

    Bette: Very well, perhaps I will pick you up later and we have a celebratory dinner, yes?

    Tina:(smiles) Sounds like a plan to me…

    Bette smiles and slides her arms around Tina’s waist.

    Bette: But first…

    Tina laughs when Bette rolls her onto her back.

    Bette: One more round yes?

    Tina bites her bottom lip as she pulls Bette closer to her….


    Melvin’s Residence….

    Kit sips her coffee as she looks across the table at her father.

    Kit: Have you heard from our dear Bette this morning?

    Melvin: You know I’m not exactly her favorite being at the moment.

    Kit smiles as she leans back in her chair.

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    1. So, i’m glad about conversation beween Tina and Melvin, it’s seems he accepted her like Bette future wife. It’s good. What i don’t like it’s reference about what happen if Tina can’t bear Bette’s child. I just can’t see that Tina ever agree on that. And i hope Bette will not agree also.

      Thanks you again for the chapter and waiting for the next!

    2. Apology accepted, but please i beg you to not wait so long between updates?

      But like all your stories it is worth the wait!

      Tina won over Melvin, so happy to see that they talked and that he accept her as Bette’s future wife and mother to the new heire.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!!

    3. Hi Browneyedgirl28,
      Nice to see an update on one of your story… been waiting for awhile…
      Will read it right away..
      But..can I be a little bit greedy and hoping you also give us an update on your other stories??? :P
      Anyway..Thank you for sharing your work…^_^

    4. I love the story and the chapter is worth the wait. I have a very dumb question. Does Bette have a penis as well? the protection appears to be a condom. It must be awesome for Tina being a straight woman. I must have missed something in the story and had to ask Hope you answer my questiom and look forward to more. Tx

      • As i remember – it was in one of previous chapters. I write how i remember. No, Bette has only human woman anatomy and woman sex organs. But when she having sex her partners have a feeling that has resemblance with straight sex (they have feelings about penetration, like with penis). And protection, it’s not condom exactly.

    5. Browneyedgirl28,
      Been almost 2yrs since we were treated your delightful gift of creative, soul-healing, story telling.

      Gosh, are you well?? Your loved ones?

      By the grace of God and with His angelic servants, we lived to see President Biden take his place in the WH….but just barely. Did U see that frickin’ insurrection coming????

      God luv us, Lawdd!!!!

      Anyway, “live&prosper”!!!

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