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    The Royal Family

    Kit: Enjoy your moment baby girl….

    Melvin and Bette walk over.

    Melvin: Are we ready?

    Tina smiles sheepishly.

    Tina: Yes….

    Bette wraps her arms around Tina’s waist.

    Bette:(smiles) Do you remember what I told you would happen or were you still in your fog?

    Tina:(smiles) I remember……despite the fog

    Melvin: Okay you two, break it up. It is time.

    Bette keeps her eyes on Tina.

    Bette: Ready?

    Tina: Absolutely

    Bette gives her fiancé a kiss before she steps aside and allows Strog to take her hand. The first family stands back and looks on as the double doors to the balcony opens to roaring applause….



    Strog raises his free hand over his head, and then waits for the crowd to settle before he speaks.

    Strog: I hereby present to you, our Crown Princesses’ Wife-In-Waiting…. daughter of Carol and John Kennard…. Ms. Christina Ann Kennard of earth!!

    Strog holds their arms in the air as the people applaud. He then bows and steps aside, allowing Tina to stand alone and soak up the ovation from the sea of Marcepticonian people.

    Tina:(whispers) Wow….

    She then smiles and waves as the applause grows louder. A few moments later, Bette, along with the rest of the First Family, joins her on the balcony. Bette wraps her arm around Tina’s waist and waves at her people. This goes on for a few minutes before the family is escorted back inside. Tina takes a few deep breaths as she looks at Bette.

    Tina: Wow……that was pretty amazing.

    Bette:(smiles) You did amazing baby….

    Melvin: Yes, outstanding….

    Tina: I was just trying not to pass out

    Kit walks over and grabs Tina’s hands.

    Kit: Well you looked and did great, baby girl

    Melvin takes off his suit jacket and hands it to a staff member

    Melvin: Now that that’s done, you will need to interview and hire staff.

    Tina: But Bette already has staff.

    Kit: Yes, but you will need your own personal assistants and security when you two aren’t together.

    Tina: Oh……I guess I never thought about that. When should I do that?

    Melvin: Whenever you please…. you’re part of the First family now. You do what you want, my dear.

    Tina:(smiles) Okay well the first thing I want is to change out of these clothes.

    Bette wraps her arm around Tina’s waist.

    Bette: Come, let’s go back to our residence. Yes?

    Bette and Tina walk out of Royal Chambers and Tina smiles when they run into Tasha.

    Tina: Hey Tasha…. were you at the ceremony? I didn’t see you.

    Tasha turns and looks at Bette.

    Tasha: No, apparently, it’s for people of Marcepticon only.

    Tina: Oh…. sorry.

    Tasha: Congratulations.

    Tina looks down at her ring.

    Tina: Thanks.

    Bette pecks Tina on the cheek.

    Bette: Go ahead and change, baby. I’ll catch up in a moment.

    Tina: Okay……nice to see you again Tasha.

    Tasha: Yeah you too…

    Bette watches as Tina her detail walk away before she turns her attention back to Tasha.

    Tasha: Congrats

    Bette: Thank you…. I shall enjoy this day and the rest of the weekend. Monday our discussion will continue. We are engaged now, Tina will have her family and close friends there to witness our nuptials.

    Tasha: Bette I told you that’s impossible.

    Bette: Nothing is impossible, especially not this. You shall make it happen. Yes?

    Bette bows politely before she walks away. Leaving Tasha standing alone, dreading the discussion that’s coming in a few days.

    Tasha: Fuck….


    1. So, i’m glad about conversation beween Tina and Melvin, it’s seems he accepted her like Bette future wife. It’s good. What i don’t like it’s reference about what happen if Tina can’t bear Bette’s child. I just can’t see that Tina ever agree on that. And i hope Bette will not agree also.

      Thanks you again for the chapter and waiting for the next!

    2. Apology accepted, but please i beg you to not wait so long between updates?

      But like all your stories it is worth the wait!

      Tina won over Melvin, so happy to see that they talked and that he accept her as Bette’s future wife and mother to the new heire.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!!

    3. Hi Browneyedgirl28,
      Nice to see an update on one of your story… been waiting for awhile…
      Will read it right away..
      But..can I be a little bit greedy and hoping you also give us an update on your other stories??? :P
      Anyway..Thank you for sharing your work…^_^

    4. I love the story and the chapter is worth the wait. I have a very dumb question. Does Bette have a penis as well? the protection appears to be a condom. It must be awesome for Tina being a straight woman. I must have missed something in the story and had to ask Hope you answer my questiom and look forward to more. Tx

      • As i remember – it was in one of previous chapters. I write how i remember. No, Bette has only human woman anatomy and woman sex organs. But when she having sex her partners have a feeling that has resemblance with straight sex (they have feelings about penetration, like with penis). And protection, it’s not condom exactly.

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