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    Will came up from behind and leaned against the red metal wall, “Jesus Christ, Kenny. You got any more bullets? I’m running low.”

    “Bag,” Tina muttered as she squinted her eyes to see if she could see the moving body again.

    Will went through the bag as he ducked when more bullets went flying over his head.

    Tina moved over him to the other direction and began firing from the side when she felt a sharp pain rip through her body.

    “Kenny!” Will shouted, grabbing the blonde around the waist.


    Chapter 16: November 1, 2009- Sunday Night

    Will ran through the one-star motel door with a white plastic bag filled with antibiotics and dressings.

    Opening up the bathroom door, he looked at Delia who was inspecting the bullet wound.

    “Guys, I’m alright,” Tina said as she slightly winced. “Just a flesh wound.”

    “You have a bullet in your chest,” Will said, taking out the antibiotics from the bag.

    “It’s in my arm,” Tina said, looking down at her bloodied chest/arm region. “I can’t see the bullet.”

    “We probably shouldn’t take it out,” Delia said, still putting pressure on it. “Just make sure it stays clean.”

    “Do doctors normally leave it in?” Will asked, opening the lid of the antibiotics and taking out some rubber gloves.

    “Sometimes,” Delia shrugged. “They usually take out a bullet if they are trying to repair a blood vessel or if the bullet is resting on a vital organ.”

    “Just feels like a dull ache,” Tina said, watching Will prepare to clean it.

    “At least the bleeding slowed down,” Delia said, washing her bloodied hands in the sink. Taking the cleaned dressing from Will, she gently placed it on Tina’s wound. “Hurt?”

    “A little,” Tina winced as Delia put even more pressure on it.

    “We don’t want it to get infected,” Delia said looking at Tina. “I know a thing or two about gunshot wounds.”

    Tina laughed lightly and nodded, “true.”

    Will leaned against the bathroom wall, “we gotta move out tomorrow. There is no way we can stay around here.”

    “We can get a place south of here,” Tina said softly, feeling the ache begin to settle in.

    “Do you have any antibiotics?” Delia asked, wrapping her arm around a slightly faint Tina.

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      • I swear this is possibly the scariest thing I’ve read in sometime but, I can’t stop reading as much as I wish I could. Please keep our girls safe and in one piece and get them back to LA together. Bette should have stayed at their apartment, it only makes her a bigger target and that damned man crazier and Tina a more urgent target for that crazed man. Really hope I can stay with the story until it ends. You should change the names and have this story published. You really are a very talented writer. Thanks for posting.

    1. You have this way of always leaving your readers hanging! Kylie you just don’t play nice. Your friends are waiting patiently for an give us one and then drop us right back into a sea of anxiety. Great writing…pps!

    2. Jeez Kylie, you sure as hell know when to stop a chapter!

      Now we have to wait a week in anxiety again!

      This story is so incredible good, a real thriller and i want to read it till the end non stop, but i have to wait for your mercy to gives us readers the next chapter!

      Can i plead with you to update asap or at thursday? I have to work next weekend and will not have time to read it before my day off next week.

    3. Just started reading this story …waiting for what next? Who will save who? I do hope Bette’s role morphs more from the relatively passive out of canon character one she has had so far..the shock of ssa TK is replaced by the real and present danger

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