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    The Second Month

    Tina walked into the bedroom and smiled at Bette who was lay in the middle of their bed wearing just her robe.

    “I thought we were going out this evening?” Tina said as she removed her earring she had just got in from work and was expecting to find Bette ready to leave.

    “We are going out,”

    “I’m sorry I’m late work has been crazy this evening” Tina took of her work shoes and walking into the walk in closet.

    Bette smiled.

    “It’s fine, the club doesn’t open for a while. Tina?”

    “Yes babe?” Tina walked out of the closet in her sensible work underwear.

    Bette smiled. she loved that Tina was starting to believe that she was sexy. They had been together for two months now and tonight they were going to try and go out again. Tina was learning more and more about the lifestyle and was becoming more and more open minded.

    “Are you sure about this?”

    Tina looked at Bette, she smiled softly.

    “I think last time I felt too exposed. The outfit you gave me well, it’s not something I would wear outside never mind in a club. I think we have to work towards an outfit like that,” Tina was more willing to talk to her now, they were starting to have more open lines of communication and Tina was learning that she really was Bette’s equal unless they were playing.

    “Tonight’s outfit…”

    “Is fine. The parts of my body I’m not ready for everyone to see are covered. As you keep telling me time will help. My body is a sore point to me.”

    “Your body is perfect.” Bette said getting off the bed and walking over to Tina. she gently ran her hands along Tina’s arms her fingers tips have the lightest of touches. It made Tina tremble under her touch. Bette loved the affect she had on Tina’s body. Tina closed her eyes for a second, her chin tilted up towards Bette.

    “I don’t believe that for a moment but…”

    “I know,” Bette said not letting her finish. Bette lightly kissed her lips. “You better get ready. Your outfit is in the closet. I will dress. I’m looking forward to showing you off tonight.”

    “Do you talk openly about sex in these place?” Tina asked, she was still very nervous.

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