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    The Start of Moving Foward

    The White House

    The Private Residency of the President

    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,

    Washington DC

    District Of Columbia



    Bette took deep breath and looked back at Tina who was watching her intently. She made a note on the iPad, she was using a Apple pencil.

    “Talk me through the morning of the incident,” Tina said softly.

    Bette rubbed her forehead, shifting slightly to get more comfortable.

    “We had gone to San Diego to open a school and set in motion my education for all campaign. I remember being very excited about it all. I’m very passionate about access to higher education for all. Vicky was less excited. She was looking forward to us flying back to Washington that evening.”

    “How was your marriage?”

    “Not as secure as it should have been but we loved each other. Vicky was a great support. She was the reason I ran for President, she wanted me to change the world. I loved her.” Tina knew there was more to it than Bette was letting on but she didn’t want to push the subject yet.

    “What do you remember of being in the hotel lobby?” Tina asked after a moment of silken.

    “It was busy, really busy. My detail couldn’t’ keep up with the comings and goings. Vicky loved the hotel which was why we were staying there. It was her home town. We were due to have lunch with her parents. Erm…” Bette rubbed her head. “I saw him, he looked at me. He was close to us, I was talking to Vicky and I saw him he held his hand up and I saw the wires. I saw him press the button and I could react. I didn’t reach. I remember the bang, it was so loud. I was knocked backward and the pain that ripped through my back and legs. i had this ringing in my ears. I couldn’t hear anything. The movement around us was quick. There was no fire. Just glass and pain. I remember the pain. I could smell blood, it was overwhelming.”

    Bette had to stop. She didn’t want to remember this. she knew it was them trying to move forward but she was scared of what had happened.

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    1. UK.
      Really likin’ the bare bones of this story. It’s unique ad leaves the imagination open into how U will proceed. Hmmmmm . . . .

      Please feel free to correct me if I’m fixin’ to step out of line by wanting to hog up MORE of your precious time, but is it possible to include MORE pages with each chapter?

      We fans are use to cozying up somewhere with gr8 writing and having a satisfying meal. We don’t mind several threads being knitted together one after another.

      Our enjoyment would be magnified as each chapter can then leave its mark.

      Perhaps 10 or more???

      Did U notice how I went from “I” to . . “we & our”??? What do they call that?? HeHeHe!!!

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