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    The Start of the Battle

    Bette turned the coffee machine on. Leaning against the counter. She closed her eyes slightly. She had barely slept the last couple of days and she knew she needed to rest. Kit walked into the kitchen and looked at her sister.  Kit could read her better than most people. She knew when Bette needed rest or time alone. But she also knew that right this family needed everyone’s support.

    “You need sleep not coffee.”  Kit said, watching as her sister turned to her.

    “It’s decaf Kit,”

    “Oh right, how is Tina?” Kit loved Tina like a sister, she saw the change she had made in Bette, seeing her baby sister settling down was amazing to her.

    “Drained, she’s cuddling with Xaiver.”

    “That kid is getting more energy by the day,”

    Bette smiled, Her son had more energy than any of them at the moment. Yet he wanted Tina, when he had seen she had a poorly sore he happily snuggled down with her to watch TV.

    “Yeah he is very healthy. Angie is good. Thank you for watching them.”

    “We are going to support you, you’re going to need help with the kids and Tina and we all want to help.”

    “Thanks, Tina’s scared.”

    “So are you,” Kit said reading her sister well. As always.

    “I am, the moment anyone uses the word cancer a dread comes over you. I know her chances are good, I’ve spoken to the doctor. I understand what going to happen. I just don’t think I’m ready for it.”

    “None of us are. No one every expects so much crap to call on them. Tina will get through this.”

    “I…don’t want to lose her,” Tears started to fall down Bette’s eyes and her sister took her in her arms and held her close.

    “We will do everything in our power to make sure that doesn’t happen. We will be here, when you need us, you’ve both got a great support network that you’re going to have to use. You need to rest, instead of making coffee, you should be upstairs, snuggled with your wife and kids watching TV.”

    “I’m just gonna get a cup and head up,”

    “Good, enjoy your time as a family, hold you wife, let you daughter sleep on your chest, laugh with your son. Makes memories.” Kit smiled as she rubbed her sisters back. “I’m going home, but I’m just a phone call away okay,”

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