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    The Start of the Battle

    “Thanks Kit,”





    Tina sat in her studio looking around at the paints, she smiled to herself. This was perfect, she was feeling low and she knew she had to do something to lift her mood. She didn’t want to fall into that dark place in her mind. She took out a canvas, and started slowly painting. Not caring what she was painting. She was using a mixture of dark colours with the shafts of bright light. She wanted to create.  Her left arm still had the shakes and she was suddenly glad that she was right handed.

    Bette walked down to the studio with a bottle of water and a sandwich. She wanted to make sure her wife was okay. When she walked in she smiled, Tina was sat at her work desk, painting softly.

    “Honey,” Bette said as she walked in.


    “You need to eat, take some pain meds, you know the usual.” Bette said putting the sandwich down and the bottle of water, she took Tina’s medication out of her pocket.

    “The usual,” Tina said as she slowly put her paint brush down.

    “You okay?” Bette asked as she walked around and saw the darkness on the canvas,

    “Yeah, I’m just trying to express my emotions. The light is the goods bits, you, the kids, the black is the shit that happens.”  Tina explained as she slowly opened her water, she took a long sip before picking up her sandwich and starting to eat.

    “it’s amazing,”

    “You say that about all more work,”

    “That’s because Ms Kennard you’re a very talented artist.”

    Tina smiled softly.

    “You may be a little bias,”

    “Because we are married?”


    “Well I will be bias for the rest of my life then because I think you’re amazing. I’m in awe of your talent. You know that.”

    Bette took in her wife, she could see the pain in her eyes,

    “You need to rest,”

    “I will,” Tina said softly. “I just needed half an hour here.”

    “You’ve been down here two hours.”

    “I always seem to lose track of time.

    “I know baby, maybe, eat, finish up and come back inside,”

    “I think I’ll just come in,” Tina admitted, she yawned. her body was still weak after surgery and tomorrow was going to be along day for them.

    “Okay, come on,” Bette picked up the sandwich and water and Tina smiled

    She closed up the studio and walked into the house, Bette had put everything onto the coffee table and indicated for Tina to make herself comfortable.

    Tina did as she was asked and sat in her favourite chair, putting her feet up, Bette picked up her sandwich and passed it to her. Tina looked at her wife and smiled.

    “You know before I met you I was lost,” Tina said, “My demons were hidden, yet you loved me anyways. You understand me, I love you, I’m lucky to have you,”

    “I’m lucky to have you, my God Ti, look at this life we’ve built.” Bette smiled, as she sat on the coffee table looking at her wife.

    “When we were first together I remember being in a bathroom, maybe in the Planet and someone said, ‘do you know the great Bette Porter has been tamed,’ i hope I’ve give you a better life,”

    “Much better, trust me.” Bette smiled.

    “I’m going to win this battle Bette,” Tina said softly. “It’s going to be a long road, but I’m going to win it. For you, for a children and for me.”

    Bette smiled,

    “I believe in you. we’ve got this.” Bette said,

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