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    The Stress Fracture, Chapter 1: The First Body

    Brighton Neighborhood

    Boston, MA

    8:38am, Tuesday, January 23rd

    Mid-January in Boston presented a landscape of packed, dirty snow. The sky was overcast and the air icy. At the moment, snow was coming down in a constant sheet of white. The setting, under normal circumstances, was not what most would find ideal. But this day, the conditions were perfect, for they kept the smell of decomposing human flesh at a minimum even with the body wrapped in heavy plastic and sheltered between alleyways.

    Lieutenant Olivia Benson stood overseeing the forensic team’s careful investigation. She was bundled in a thick floor-length pea coat and a knit hat pulled down around her ears. Steam from her paper coffee cup mixed with the mist she blew from her nose and mouth as she breathed.

    A uniformed officer approached her.

    “Cyril Martin. Forty-seven years old, recently paroled, registered sex offender, did five of twenty for two counts of assault and rape.” Officer Stefanie Foster handed Olivia a clipboard. On it, the dead man’s driver’s license, sealed in an evidence bag, was clipped in place along with a printout of his rap sheet.

    “How many weeks out?” Olivia asked.

    “Two and a day.”

    Olivia nodded her head as she watched a crime-scene photographer kneel in the snow and take a close-up of the man’s head. The rest of the body remained partly covered in plastic sheeting and snow.

    “Have a wallet?” she asked.

    “No,” Stef answered. “ID was rolled in his clothes tucked under his head.” She held up another evidence bag. “His phone was in the bundle, too.”

    “Any idea how long he’s been here?” Olivia asked.

    Stef shrugged. “Hard to tell. Garbage truck driver saw him when he lifted the bin and disturbed the snow. He’s frozen as solid as a Thanksgiving turkey, though. We’ll have to wait for the autopsy.” She turned to Olivia. “You think your rookie is up for this?” Her uniform’s heavy outer coat bunched around her shoulders and displayed the two inverted chevrons of a corporal on the sleeve. Stray bits of blond hair poked out at the corners of her winter service cap.

    “She’s hardly a rookie, Stef. She’s been working vice in L.A. for the last eight years,” Olivia replied.

    “You think she’s seen this sort of thing working vice?”

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    1. I had promised this months ago, so I apologize for being late.
      Please make sure to read the TRIGGER warning in the author’s note.
      I realize, in some ways, I should have listed this as creative writing since only the “essence” of each character as they appeared in their respective series is evident in the story.
      Like “Eternal Rocks,” this story is very personal, and Bette’s character and her struggle very dear to me.

      I know the style is quite different from anything I’ve written before. It’s my first time trying out third-person objective. It’s required me to really think about how to “show” and not “tell” what all the characters are feeling and thinking.

      Please contact me if you have questions or concern either here, via Twitter @The_BenMac, or through my blog at
      I’m terribly behind posting there as well, but have a few topics planned.

      My goal is to post a new chapter once a week. It’s halfway through my semester, so I should be okay except for final’s week.

      Thanks. I appreciate your support.

    2. Welcome back BenMac!

      This story has me captivated from beginning till the end. And you used all my favourite woman, so i am a very happy woman.

      Looking forward to your weekly updates.

    3. My dear BenMac!It is very happy to give you a warm welcome!
      Know that I am eager to read his new work, for surely you know
      how much you are valuable to Lesfan.
      Here we have all the support you need, and a team of fans that also functions as a small family, and it is in this spirit we welcome you with open arms for you .Seja welcome !! :) :) :) :)
      Bear hug .
      The whole constellation of the universe.

    4. Thank you BenMac. Awesome start. Looking forward for more. Bette certainly has a lot going on to complicate her life. You know how emotionally protective I am of Bette so I will brace myself and take your trigger warnings into account. Thank you.

      • Would you believe, Bat, that I actually considered your reaction to this Bette as I outlined the entire novel? I know you’re super protective of her and are her true champion. I think you’ll really like her in this story. She’s very brave, admirable, and unselfish. However, as I mentioned in the author’s note, she will face a moral dilemma. I’m not sure if you’ll agree with what she chooses to do. Thanks for reading.

    5. Thanks to all of you who’ve read this first chapter, and especially to all of you who commented! Buggs (I left you a reply above); MamaDoc (you must wait, my dear. I can only do a chapter a week. So check this coming Sunday); WKM (you’ve commented on nearly everything I’ve ever written; glad you’re excited for this one); Sassy ( I miss you, too, especially our crazy Twitter dialogue with the fam!); Bibi (most all my favorite women, too! If you watch The Closer, I’ll have one cameo appearance from Chief Brenda Lee Johnson in a later chapter); Els (thanks for the welcome back. I’ve missed writing); Jacky (yeah! I am back finally. Thanks for providing this site for all of us); Mcscully (warm bear hug back at you! However, you’re such a wee woman, I’m afraid I might crush you!); TN1 (if only the mention of my name could make other women swoon like it does for you!!! I’m glad you’re happy); BAT (I left you a reply above); Elhil (thank you! I know you’ve been a devoted reader for a loooooong time, and I’m glad you’re still accessing this site and keeping tabs. Yep, the mashup should be fun.)

      I’m not one to usually respond to my comments, but I’ve been gone so long and having a bit of a struggle, so I wanted you all to know how much your support means to me.

      See you Sunday for chapter 2 :)

    6. Hiya BenMac!! :) thanks for another story! Read your warning, kinda considering if my heart can take it or not… because reading your story is so engaging, I don’t want to be so wrapped in the dark story and see no lights! Luckily! since there will be subplot of romantic Tibette’s moment, i decided to take the plunge! :D lol
      Enjoy reading the 1st chapter, and so thankful I am able to read it! Looking forward to read more from you! Kudos! :)

    7. BenMac, I like the way you threaded Detective Porter into the pre-existing rainbow badge group, making her tough, as they are, but with a quirky stomach at the sight of the corpse. Your description of her cold, boxed, and mostly lost along the road somewhere possessions give a chilling bleakness to her home life. Her deep cough, her depressed girlfriend, the uncomfortable relationship they have – Leigh so full of pain and grief and Bette giving Leigh room to be in her sadness, but I can sense that is going to wear then. I appreciate the set up you’ve conceived on both fronts of Bette’s life.

      I found none of it gruesome.

      The odd behavior and strange cat fetish of the parole officer, Ken Kennard, reminded me of the odd shadings given the quirky characters that appear in my two ongoing favorite crime dramas, “Fargo” and “True Detective”.

      Nice job, all around on your part. Now, onto your second installment.


    8. Well this seems more of an L Word, SVU, crossover, than The Fosters. So Bette is with Leigh Ostin, and apparently she and Jane/Maura has history. No matter whose category this should actually fall under, I love this concept so much. Olivia with Alex, J&M together, this is awesome. So it seems Melvin was killed an it was covered up. We have sex offenders being off, and the women with personal drama, can’t get no better than that.

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