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    The Studio

    Tina sat behind her desk, looking at yet another project she knew was never going to make it to the screen. This was the problem with working in TV, she spent ninety per cent of time rejecting ideas. She rubbed her head. she had a headache. She’d been back in LA a month. A month since that amazing night with Bette Porter. She had lay in bed night after night thinking about Bette.  They had texted, called and emailed each other regularly since she had landed back in LA, but she knew that Bette was a busy woman.

    She hadn’t felt as alive as she had in Bette’s arms. That one night had changed her completed.

    Tina found herself drumming her pen against the script she was supposed to be reading when there was a knock at the door and Gary her Personal Assistant walked in.

    “Ms Kennard, you have a visitor,”

    “I’m not expecting any one am I Gary?”

    “No,” He said, “However she said you won’t mind,”

    “Did she give a name?” Tina asked raising her eyebrow. She had a lot of work to do and the last thing she wanted was some writer bending her ear when they didn’t have an appointment.

    “No, I’m sorry, she just said that you would want to see her.”

    “Fine Gary but if it’s another writer bending my ear about a crap vampire series they think would be great I’m kicking your ass, okay?”

    “As long as you’re not firing me Ms Kennard I’m good,” He grinned. He liked her she was calmer than most of the execs in the office. She was less demanding and spent a lot of time dealing with rejecting people.

    Gary left the room and Tina closed the script that she had been reading, putting it to one side, knowing that she would have to reject it.

    The door to her office opened and her mouth dropped opened. How was it possible? she was dreaming? She shook her head. she had to be day dreaming.

    “I’m dreaming, you’re in New York and I’m dreaming,” Tina said aloud.

    Bette laughed. Before walking into the office and sitting down on the chair facing Tina.

    “No, Pet I’m here.”

    That word, the way she said it made Tina shudder even in her office.  She looked at Bette, taking her in. she looked great in her shirt, blazer and pencil skirt. She looked every bit the art gallery owner she was.

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