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    The Surprise

    Tina arrived at the condo, it was the first time that she had been here alone. she knew that Bette had had a tough day and she wanted to make it better. an artist had been driving her wife crazy because he didn’t like any of her ideas to hang his show. Tina closed the door and smiled. tonight she was going to give herself to Bette but she had some time to get ready. In her mind she knew had she wanted her wife, her mistress to find her. Tina walked over to the large French doors and opened them, letting the smell of the fresh ocean air fill the room.

    she walked up stairs to the bedroom, she stripped naked, folding her clothes and putting them onto the chair which was in the corner of the room. she picked up her cell phone and walked into the bathroom. She looked at her body in the full length mirror that Bette had made sure was installed.

    She took in her pale skin, the beauty spots that covered her body, her pert breasts, her nipples were already hard, as she was already aroused herself with what she had planned. She looked at her toned stomach, she walked hard in the gym since meeting Bette, mainly because she was scared she couldn’t keep up with her because she had never had so much sex, the gym had been her way of getting in better shape for her woman. she looked at her mound. Perfectly shaven, she’d done it before leaving home, as she wasn’t sure what Bette had bought for the condo. Her legs looking shapely and strong from the running she was doing. she smiled. she held up her phone and did something she never thought she would do, she took a nude selfie of herself.

    She smiled looking at the photo, before she meet Bette she would never have thought of it. she’d never even thought about having sex hey way she did with Bette.

    She took a deep breath and opened the private messaging and BDSM app that her and Bette had signed up for on their phones, she opened their messages, and wrote ‘please come to the condo after work, I’m ready, willing and able to destress you, love you, your pet’  she attached them image of herself and sent it. The app was totally private and had been designed by one of Bette’s clients at the bar, it was meant for couples in BDSM relationships.

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    1. I think the title of the story is exchanged with that of another story? (This is Us / Key To The Kingdom )

      I hope to read This is Us too :)

      And would love to enjoy again Unseen and Shot In The Dark.

      Thank for all your storis, They all are great!

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