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    The Talk

    The following morning, Shane rolls over in bed and smiles when she sees Carmen sliding her underwear past her hips.

    Shane: You trying to sneak out on me again?

    Carmen smiles as she turns and looks at Shane.

    Carmen: Sneak? Uh if memory serves me correctly I was supposed to be gone last night.

    Shane: Well…. your rule not mine.

    Carmen: Both of our rule actually.

    Shane shrugs and throws her arm behind her head as she continues to enjoy the sight of a half-naked Carmen.

    Carmen: I guess I’ll see you at breakfast.

    Shane: You mean the place where you flirt with my quarterback for an hour? Sounds good.

    Carmen smirks as she strolls over to the bed.

    Camren: My my is someone jealous that I’ve done a little flirting with other people?

    Shane: Not in the slightest.

    Carmen: Coulda’ fooled me

    Shane: I’m just saying, there are certain people in the house who don’t care too much for it.

    Carmen: Such as?

    Shane: Well…. the brides for one

    Carmen: The brides also have a slight problem with us sneaking in and out of each other’s beds. Should we put an end to that as well?

    Shane:(smiles) Well, let’s not go crazy now.

    Carmen:(laughs) Yeah that’s what I thought.

    Shane: Seriously though, they aren’t the only ones who frowns upon your flirtatious ways.

    Carmen: Oh yeah? You one of em?

    Shane smiles and shakes her head.

    Shane: Like I said, I’m cool

    Carmen: Good

    Carmen smiles and winks at Shane as she backs towards the bedroom door.

    Carmen: I’m headed to my room. Hopefully I won’t run into any turbulence on the way. Wish me luck?

    Shane laughs and crosses her fingers. Carmen stops short of opening the bedroom door and turns back to Shane.

    Carmen: You do know it’s just flirting, right? I mean there’s nothing going on with me and your girl.

    Shane: I know…. but like I said I’m….

    Carmen interrupts Shane.

    Carmen: Cool…. yeah. I got it. See ya later

    Shane: Yep

    Carmen walks out of the room and Shane groans and rolls back over….



    Bette’s room….

    Bette siting in a chair with her feet kicked up on the matching ottoman as she talks on her phone and works on her laptop.

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    1. I Loved the update!

      Can you please try to update sooner, I suffer from withdrawal symptoms when i have to wait for so long.

      You finally answered the question what happened back then, i do understand that they were way to young to commit for life and they lived thousands miles away from each other, but Tina was kind of harsh to Bette. The problem with Tina is that she had and still have her nose up in the air, how ever she seems to regret it and is settling with a boring woman. And now Sam came sooner, big surprise.

      Tina please listen to your heart and please stop jumping to conclusions at everything Bette seems to do in your eyes. You love her, dump Sam and go after Bette. Bette will not wait forever and move on.

      I hope and pray that you will update soon! Is there any change that you will update your other stories, i miss them.

      Thank you for the incredible long update!

    2. Apology accepted! What a great update! Where can I buy zima…. lol. For starters I love the cute banter b/w Carmen and Bette. If not for Shane and Tina those two would totally be getting busy….they are too HOT not to hookup. As for what Tina said to Bette in college; ouch. That was way harsh and I totally see why Bette says they can never be together again. And now the real drama starts w/ Sam arriving at the villa. Only an idiot won’t see the mutual attraction b/w Bette and Tina. Maybe Tina should just be honest and give Sam her walking papers now. And where are Helena and Leigh again? ( maybe I need to go re-read the last chapter) thank you for this great update, but don’t leave us with this cliffhanger for too long. PPS!

    3. What a wonderful update! The sexual tension between Bette and Tina is so high and IN walks Sam….DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!

      Finding out about THE TALK was so heartbreaking that Tina could ever THINK that way about Bette, not fitting into her circle of upper crust friends and yes basically saying YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME! Even when you are at that age…that had to hurt! Not wanting a long distance relationship or thinking WE are getting too serious at just a young age as a reason NOT TO BE TOGETHER! But telling somebody you are just a damn good fuck buddy and I love our friendship…hell yeah is a deal breaker! Now Tina full of regret, she never should have said that shit!

      What she said on the ride back to the Villa was very sweet, Bette seems to take it to heart because they obviously still LOVE EACH OTHER VERY MUCH!

      Since Leigh never cared for Tina that much in HS and after hearing how she treated Bette later in college. I can imagine she is pretty protective of Bette and it seems Tina as been jealous of her and Bette’s relationship for a while. With Sam already there for the wedding and Tina still having FEELING FOR BETTE and when Leigh get there too…SHIT JUST GOT REAL!

      Great storytelling, what a wonderful story and as others have mentioned your other Active stories can stand an update too…when you can….we know you have a life! Look forward to reading more. Your favorite fan from Dallas! p

    4. Great chapter!
      I agree that Tina at the time was very young with her weaknesses, neuras, and
      I believe she did not know how to express herself with Bette, which caused the break in this relationship, and they have to face the truth that everyone knows, there is still an emotional bond between them. .
      All Stars .

    5. Excellent chapter, now we know what happened in high school; clearly Tina has many insecurities, starting for her body, when she felt her thighs weren’t good enough the night Bette and her were together for the first time; then, after ending high school, she moved to the other side of the country for college, and as Shane insinuated, probably to put distance between Bette and her; she is really in love with Bette who is a little of a womanizer but who also loves Tina; I believe Tina’s insecurities made her being very defensive because she believes she is going to be toyed by Bette, at the point of being a bitch with her lover insinuating Bette is not good enough to be with her, when she probably felt it was the other way around. however at this moment she is more mature but still has some insecurities and looks for any pretext to blame on Bette; now finally when they are about to reconnect, the relegated girlfriend Sam, shows up, things are about to get more interesting and hellish. Thanks for the wonderful update and pps.

    6. Great chapter, has been craving your stories, keep up the great work, it does not matter how long in between your postings,because i know that life gets in the way. Keep up your good work, you are the best story teller.

      your dedicated fan.

    7. Thanks for the great and long, update.

      Enjoyed the update, thanks and got answers to some questions.

      Love your stories so please try and post again SOON,

      Any chance of endings to some of your other gems also.

      Thanks again for the post and may I take the opportunity to wish you and yours a Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

    8. oh how i missed your story.

      thank you thank you for the update!

      btw someone need to knock some sense to Tina… i mean really Tina…. you’d let B go b/c she’s poor? girly… i’ll take her… haha anyway, i’m glad she’s finally see the light.

      B… now get your girl back!

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