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    The Tease

    Tina picked up her phone and smiled, she had decided that instead of going into work on Friday she would take an extra personal day. she wanted more time to get ready for her night out with Bette. she was hoping that third time was really the charm for them.  she walked in the bedroom and smiled. she had just got in shopping, she’d bought new underwear and an outfit that she opened Bette would enjoy. She lay the expensive bags out, on the bed and then took a photo on her cell. Sending it Bette with


    Tina: I’ve done some unexpected shopping for tonight, mostly for your pleasure. X


    She smiled as she dropped her phone onto the bed, and opened the first bag from a shop that Bette had recommend she go in, they specialised in clothes for submissives and was run by a sub who was more than happy to help others get laid. Tina heard her phone buzz she picked it up


    Bette: My oh my for a woman who was supposed to be at work you’ve done well this morning. I better have easy access to you in that outfit.


    Tina grinned. She knew that she would be able to tease Bette and she decided that was what she was going too do.


    Tina: I took an extra personal day, traffic was bad getting the studio and there is nothing they can’t handle without me for today. Easy access for what? X


    Tina took out the outfit that she would be wearing tonight. She wasn’t sure she could pull if off but the leather dress had looked amazing and she wanted it. it was shot and very revealing. She knew she wouldn’t be able to wear a bra with it. she had decide to buy some very sexy lace panties instead, with garter belt and hold up stockings she had found out by accident, from Alice that Bette always wanted to fuck a woman in stockings but had never found a woman who was wearing garter belt with the straps. Tina also knew the dress wouldn’t cover the shinny straps and Bette was going to know her intentions.  Her phone buzzed again and she moved everything to the closet before sitting onto the bed.

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    1. This story is green all the way. It’s one of the few I have read that goes deep into BDSM. I have never experienced it personally as my partner is very conservative but I have on occasion thought about it. I guess I am out of luck. The most amount of sadism I have experienced was when I was in the military. Thank you for the stories.

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