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    The Tease


    Bette: You know full well what I need access for.

    Tina: I really don’t. I’m sweet and innocent you know? x


    Bette: There is only so far you can go with that my Pet. You’re awaken things we both didn’t know about.


    Tina smiled, Bette had slipped into Mistress mode. Tina knew she was in meetings for most of the day, she had phoned and asked James, so she also knew that Bette would keep texting her. she had learnt that Bette had two iPads at work, a personal one that had only her phone contact in and her pro which she used for work as she could write on it.


    Tina: I didn’t mean to awaken anything Mistress, I was just showing you that I had been shopping for our night out


    Tina grinned to herself. she knew full well what she was doing.


    Bette: I know where you have been shopping! You’re not as innocent as you make out Pet. Tell me will I be able to show you off?


    Tina loved the thought of Bette showing her off. she enjoyed it. she wanted people to know that Bette Porter was taken, while she was shopping today she had heard Bette’s name, she had walked over to two subs who were shopping together, they had mentioned that ‘the great Bette Porter was now taken but they would still try and get her attention’ Tina couldn’t have that. She wanted to hold her woman’s attention completely.


    Tina: I hope in the outfit I have bought you will be proud to show me. and maybe fuck me.


    Tina was braver in text, perhaps because she didn’t have to say outload what she was thinking. She lay back on the bed and popped open her jeans sliding her hand down she could feel she was wet. Could she really hold off till later.


    Bette: You want me to fuck you tonight? You want me take you in a room, were people can watch you. have you completely on display and fuck you so hard you squirt all over me.


    Tina moaned at the thought of Bette doing that too her. she couldn’t cope. She got up and strapped completely naked. She lay in the middle of the large bed, letting her legs drop open she ran her fingers through her own wetness.

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    1. This story is green all the way. It’s one of the few I have read that goes deep into BDSM. I have never experienced it personally as my partner is very conservative but I have on occasion thought about it. I guess I am out of luck. The most amount of sadism I have experienced was when I was in the military. Thank you for the stories.

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