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    The Tease


    Tina: I want it all.


    Tina’s response was shot as she dropped her phone for a second to rub her nipples pinching them, making herself wetter


    Bette: What are you doing pet?


    Bette knew. Tina knew that Bette knew. She didn’t usually send very short answers unless she was busy and Bette knew she was at home. Tina decided to send Bette a photo. She held he camera up making sure that she got all her face, her shoulders and neck and Bette could see the blush of arousal, she didn’t want to send her a complete nude right now as she knew that Bette was working.


    Bette: Are you naked? On our bed, are you wet and wanting? Tell me pet.


    Tina moaned reading the message she couldn’t help it.


    Tina: Yes Mistress, the thought of what you are going to do to me makes me wet.


    Bette: Let’s play a game, my sexy pet, a game where we both win.


    Tina: What game Mistress?


    Bette: The game is simple. I’m going to make you cum and all you’re going to do is make yourself cum got it?”


    Tina: yes Mistress, how?


    Bette: Open the top draw on my side, inside you will find a vibrator. Switch it on and hold it to your clit. Do it now pet.


    Tina did as she was asked, she held the small clit vibrator to her own clit and her hips jerked off the bed.


    Tina: Fuck mistress it fells good


    Bette: Good I’m glad, now pet I want you to cum just from the vibrator on you clit. Got it?


    Tina: Yes Mistress


    Tina lay back and moved the vibrator over her own clit she could feel her body responding. She knew it would be a quick and sharp orgasm and it was, her body tensed and she gasped. She dropped the vibrator. It had taken her five minutes to come and Bette text her just as her orgasm was ending


    Bette: I hope you enjoyed that. You’re not allowed to touch yourself again.


    Tina: But mistress I’m still dripping


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    1. This story is green all the way. It’s one of the few I have read that goes deep into BDSM. I have never experienced it personally as my partner is very conservative but I have on occasion thought about it. I guess I am out of luck. The most amount of sadism I have experienced was when I was in the military. Thank you for the stories.

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