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    The Tease

    Bette: And until I am there you are not to touch yourself again Pet. You must learn I’m in control here.


    Tina: Yes Mistress


    Bette: You are teasing me on purpose at work and you will be punish for that Pet. You know I’m busy as I’m finishing early yet you choose to tease me.


    Tina: I don’t regret it.


    Bette: You might. Tonight you will wear a butt plug


    Tina: What?


    Tina was shocked and excited at the same time. she had some many dirty fantasy that she wanted to furfill which were gaining as she read more bookings. She had downlead a number of books on lesbian BDSM, admittedly some of it scared her but someone it greatly excited her and she knew that Bette was trying to give her more and more.


    Bette: Tonight my naughty little pet you will wear a butt plug, I will be slipping it up your pretty little ass before we leave and every step you take will move it slight in your ass. You will not be allowed to cum until I allow it and you will follow my every order to the letter, do I make myself clear?


    Tina loved this side of Bette. her real domme was starting to come out and make her wetter. She wanted to touch herself again but she knew she couldn’t. she didn’t want to disappoint her mistress


    Tina: Yes mistress.


    Bette: I want you to go shower, and not touch yourself. I want you ready in your outfit by six as I will be home around then, which I know is later but an artist being a idiot and I need to sort it. you will be ready when I get home. I am wearing a suit tonight I can change here. and remember my pet. If you masturbate once this afternoon you WILL NOT CUM TONIGHT. Do I make myself clear?


    Tina:  Yes Mistress.


    Bette: Good I will see you at six.


    Tina waited for a few minutes before she got up off the bed, and went to shower, when she got back she picked her phone up again


    Tina: Mistress, I have showered. I did not touch myself. I am getting ready for you. I love you and thank you


    In her office Bette grinned as she put her cufflinks through her shirt sleeves. She was getting ready herself. it was the first time that Tina had tease her in this way and she was glad that Tina was starting to find her place as the sub, she knew that Tina loved submitting to her. she was hoping that this was the start of Tina being more open with her. they were communicating well but Bette also knew that Tina wanted and needed more. She had been repressed for so long and she was will to explore anything with Tina.


    Bette: I love you too my pet, I will be home soon. Be ready. I can’t wait for tonight.


    Bette picked up her iPad’s her phone and her purse.

    “Right James I’m going I will see you Wednesday”

    “I thought you were only off till Tuesday.” James said confused.

    “Things changed.”

    “This Tina is making you take holiday?”

    “No one makes me do anything James, she’s just given me a reason to take some times to be with her. have a nice weekend, call me if there any problems.”

    Bette walked out of the gallery onto Wiltshire. She slipped her sunglasses on and headed toward the underground car park. Tonight she seriously hoped it was third time lucky and the plans she had for the weekend were going to leave them both exhausted. She grinned. She couldn’t wait.

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    1. This story is green all the way. It’s one of the few I have read that goes deep into BDSM. I have never experienced it personally as my partner is very conservative but I have on occasion thought about it. I guess I am out of luck. The most amount of sadism I have experienced was when I was in the military. Thank you for the stories.

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