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    The Test

    Two months later.


    Tina sat in the bathroom, on the closed lid of the toilet. Her hands were shaking on skin, a test was balanced perfectly on the sink. She couldn’t look at it. Two months ago after a romantic dinner her and Bette had made slow passionate love and then Bette had gently inseminated her. Last month she hadn’t had a period and now she was at the point where she was two months without one. She had locked herself into the bathroom. Bette was still sleeping.

    Tina reached out and picked up the test. It read ‘Pregnant.’

    Tears slowly ran down Tina’s face. she got up taking the test with her she walked into the bedroom, sitting on Bette’s side of the bed, she gently put the test down on the bedside and table. She ran her fingers through Bette’s hair. her fingers gently running down her face.

    Slowly Bette opened her eyes and looked at Tina. she could see the tears running down her face.

    “Ti,” Bette sat up, her gaze solely on Tina. “What’s the matter babe?”

    Tina smiled,

    “Please don’t panic,”

    “What is it?” Bette was worried.

    “It’s good news,”

    “Good news? You’re crying.”

    “Happy tears Bette, because I’m pregnant.”


    “Baby, I’m pregnant.” Tina reached and picked up the test, she passed it to Bette who looked at it.

    “We’re having our baby?” She asked, shock filling her voice.

    “Yes Baby, we’re having our baby.” Tina was delighted saying it out loud make it seem perfect. she was going to have their baby, they were going to have the family they wanted.

    Bette pulled Tina into a hug, she was over joyed. A feeling inside her, she was going to be a Mom,

    “I’m going to be the best partner too you, I’m going to make sure that you’ve got everything you need, day and night. I promise.” Bette whispered.

    “Erm, baby?” Tina pulled back,

    “What is it?”

    “Will we still be able to play?”

    “Yes but we will have to tone it down. I don’t want to hurt you or the baby, I read on a forum that pregnancy can enhance your experience.”

    “I’m fucking screwed.” Tina laughed.

    Bette smiled.

    “You are, dear God, fuck. We’re gonna be parents.”

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