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    The Third Try

    As Tina walked down the steps into the basement bar, she could feel her butt plug in her ass moving, she was just getting used it and she knew it was there because of her own teasing but she was loving the fact it was there.

    She saw the looks she was getting as she walked down behind Bette, who had got for a white shirt tucked into black trousers. Her hair flowing around her face. Tina had enjoyed the look on Bette’s face when she had walked out the closet in her leather dress, which hugged her figure and showed off her breast and ass well, Bette had been very happy to see that her woman was in fact wearing stockings.

    Bette looked around the bar as she approached the desk, Tina stayed close to her, she knew the rules and had to stay with her domme,

    “Hey Shane,” Bette smiled

    “Hi Bette,” Shane replied and Tina knew then they were equal terms. Last tine they had been here Lucy had called her Ms Porter. “What would you like this evening?”

    “A private booth and I’d like to book the usual room, make sure no one else uses it tonight.”

    “Sure, I see you have Ms Tina with you,”

    “I do, Shane,”  Bette turned and took Tina’s hand and brought her first. “Shane this is Tina, Tina this is my friend Shane,”

    “Hi nice to meet you,” Tina said.

    “nice to meet you too,” Shane looked at Bette and winked.

    Shane clicked and a waitress came over.

    “Lacy, show Ms Porter and her Pet to her usual booth and send a bottle of white over.”

    “Yes Shane,”

    Bette and Tina followed Lacy to the table they had sat at last time, Tina slid into the seat and moaned. Bette grinned as Lacy went off into the bar. Bette sat down and looked at time who couldn’t get comfortable.

    “Having problems Pet?” Bette reached over and pushed her hair out of her face.

    Tina enjoyed the fact that Bette could be this loving with her.

    “I’m uncomfortable,” Tina whispered. “I need to cum,”

    “You’re not allowed and you know why,” Bette looked directly into Tina’s eyes.

    “I was bad?” Tina asked.

    “You’ve teased me all day. You’ve sent me messages and I know you’ve cum, now tonight if you can last you will be allowed to cum, but you are not to cum now.”

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