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    The Third Try

    “Yes Mistress,”

    “You’re such a willing pet.” Bette moved closer to her, “You need me, to control you,” Bette moved her lips to Tina’s neck, listening to her breathing hitch. “You need me to fuck you, hold you down, and make you cum,”

    “Yes Mistress,” Tina whispered as her eyes closed.

    Bette smiled, she looked around, seeing couples and groups enjoying each other. Bette hooked her hand around Tina’s neck and pulled her into a passionate kiss. She was horny and had been all day because of Tina. She pulled away and smiled at her lover. Bette knew and could feel that people were watching her and Tina.

    “Shall I see if the room is ready?”

    “Yes, please,” Tina moaned.

    “I will, stay here a moment, do you need water?” Bette asked, knowing that Tina needed taking care off.

    “Yes, please.” Tina was nervous to be left alone.

    Bette walked over the bar, catching Shane’s eye, who came to her at once.

    “Is the room ready?”

    “Yeah, always, she’s one hot woman you’ve got there Bette,”

    “Thank you,” Bette grinned, “She’s coming out of her shell,”

    “What do you mean?”

    “She’s learning, I think she’s been in some terrible relationships but she’s opening up to me, not just sexually. I’m totally in love with her,” Bette smiled, turning and seeing that Tina was watching her closely. She could see other women watching her woman. she loved that her woman was found attractive by other women.

    “It’s good to see you like this,” Shane grinned.

    “It’s been too long since I have had someone so remarkable in my life. I’m completely in love with her,” Bette smiled. “Shane I need a bottle of water and we will go to the room now. I’m ready to show off my woman.”

    “You’re going to let people watch,”

    “Tina wants it.” Bette picked up the bottle of water that Shane had put on the bar.

    She walked over to Tina as another woman walked over to Tina.

    “Are you alone?” The woman asked,

    Tina shook her head, knowing that She wasn’t allowed to talk to anyone else.

    “Who are you with?” The woman asked,

    “Me,” Bette said slowly, as she crooked her fingers for Tina to come to her. Tina got up moaning as the plug moved. Tina went to her mistress who wrapped her arm around her.

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