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    The Third Try

    “Sorry Bette I didn’t know,”

    “It’s fine,” Bette said, “Come with me Pet.” They walked to the back of the club and went through a door. Tina could hear the moans of women. Some in pleasure, some in pain. She saw some doors open with women enjoying one or more sub. She was finding it hard to walk, Bette held her up as the went to the last room, people watched as they entered, Bette turned and looked them all before smiling and slamming the door shut. She locked it. the room was large with a Bed in the centre, along one wall was a curtain.

    “Strip.” Bette said as she kicked her heels off and opened her pants.

    Tina blinked and then undid her dress letting it full. Bette licked her lips seeing her in just her panties, stockings and garter belt, her feet in her heels.

    “Keep the garter and stockings on” Bette decided. “They make you look so fucking sexy,”

    Tina was shaking. Bette could see it. she walked over and ran her fingers down Tina’s chest.

    “If I open the curtains people are allowed to watch, but I don’t want that right now. right now I need you to do something for me.”

    “Yes Mistress,”

    Bette opened her trousers and sat on the bed, pulling her pants and panties down. she opened her legs exposing herself to Tina.

    “You texted me today, you teased me and I’ve held off all day, I want you on your fucking knees and you’re going to fucking lick me till I come hard. if I don’t cum, you won’t be coming tonight”

    Bette’s words made Tina shiver, she dropped to her knees in front of Bette and moved forward. Bette rarely let her touch her when they were playing it was all about Tina’s pleasure. She had noticed that. Bette came when they made love and she knew what her lover enjoyed.

    Bette reached over and took the cuffs that were on the bed and took Tina’s hand and locked them behind her back to make sure she couldn’t touched her.

    Tina smiled. she loved being tied down. she moved forward capturing Bette’s clit into her mouth. She moved her tongue over it, sucking hard. Bette threw her head back, loving the power she had over Tina and loving that her woman was willing to please her as well. Felicity had made her believe she wasn’t good enough to be pleased but with Tina it was different.

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