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    The Third Try

    Tina sucked har, moving down she licked Bette’s went hole, flicking her tongue just enough inside of Bette to hit he nerve endings. Tina had been doing  a lot of reading and she was learning more and more what Bette liked. Bette almost screamed when Tina fucked her with her tongue, coming harder than she was expecting she had to push Tina’s head away, smiling down at her pet. She saw her own juices dripped from her chin.

    “You’re very will to please,” Bette got up, pulling her clothes back on. Tina watched her.

    Bette walked over and took a wet wipe from a box and washed Tina’s face. before she went and pulled the chains from the ceiling. They would hold Tina upright with her legs apart. Facing the window. She slowly tied Tina into place. Knowing that Tina wanted to cum.

    “I’m going to let them watch. I know you want this, I don’t want you to hold back. I want you to let go, if you must close your eyes. The toy I’m going to use is brand new, I had it delivered here this morning. I’m not removing the plug, I know how much more you cum when you have it in. are you okay with this before I go any further.”

    “Green Mistress,” Tina let her head drop she was blushing she knew that. She was ready for this. she’ been on edge since Bette had pushed the butt plug up her ass.

    Bette grinned. She walked over and took out the toy she knew Shane had signed for, she put it on over her pants and strapped the dildo too it, it curved to ensure that she would hit Tina’s g-spot. She hit the button the walls and the curtains opened. Women were already there and that made Tina blush hard. luckily she couldn’t hear them. Bette walked up behind her one hand went to her breast, the other to Tina’s clit as she pushed the toy into her.

    “This is the only bit we are sharing with them, once you’ve squirted all over this nice floor we are heading home and I’m going to make you cum so many times you won’t be able to walk tomorrow, do I make myself clear?”

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