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    The Third Try

    “Yes mistress,”

    Tina melted into Bette.

    Bette thrust her hips hard rubbing Tina’s clit and pinching her nipples she looked out and saw women watching open mouthed as Bette fucked her helpless lover. She knew some of the women had been with someone of them, she then meet felicity’s eyes. she smiled to herself.

    “My ex is watching, she’s looking at your naked body and she’s jealous that you’re the one taking this hard fucking Pet, you love them watching you don’t you?”

    “Yes, Mistress, Agh fuck yes,” Tina moaned.

    Bette made a mental note to find out with Felicity was still allowed in, but right now she could see the jealously on her face.  Bette decided to fuck Tina harder.  Her hips moving quickly.

    “I want you to cum and I want them to see how weak you are after you cum, you’re mine.”  Bette smiled, gently biting down on Tina’s ear.

    “Mistress,” Tina moaned

    “You can cum,”

    Tina had been holding back and her whole body was shaking, she closed her eyes let her head fall back onto Bette’s shirt clad shoulder knowing that her body about to exploded. Bette moved her hand from Tina’s breast to hold her, her fingers moving quicker on Tina’s clit.

    “I’m coming,” Tina breathed. Her body let go, she pushed the toy out of herself, her orgasm over took her, she held her breath as a long squirt, her body shaking, she let out her breath and she squirted again. making Bette grin as it was unexpected and Tina hadn’t done that before. She pressed the button and closed the curtains before removing the toy from herself and slowly removing Tina’s butt plug which made her cum again. Bette slowly removed all the chain and cuffs and held her tight. Tina melted into her.

    “Lets get you dressed and home,”

    “I don’t think I can take anymore,” Tina admitted.  “I think I’m…”

    “What my love?” Bette asked as she held her half naked lover.

    “Red,” Tina whispered. Bette grinned.

    “Thank you my love,” Bette smiled, “Lets get you home, I will draw you a bath, look after you. you were amazing tonight,”

    “I love you,” Tina smiled up at her woman knowing that Bette really would take care of her.

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