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    The Threesome

    Tina dropped to her knees, completed naked in the middle of the basement. She knew Tina was talking to Louis, she could hear them at the door, talking in a whisper. She dropped her head, her hands behind her back. Since she had openly told Bette about her fantasy, a week or so again Bette had been working to make it come true. She heard their heels on the wooden stairs as they both came down. Tina was not hiding her body even if she wished she could. She wanted to believe Bette when she told her she was sexy and beautiful.

    Bette smiled looking at Louis face when she saw Tina kneeling.

    “She’s so fucking sexy,” Louis said,

    Bette’s grin widens when she saw Tina’s blush.

    “She is,” Bette walked over and ran her hand through Tina’s hair as she passed her towards the desk, she opened the draw taking out her leather cuffs.

    “Is there anything she doesn’t do?” Louis asked as she walked over to the sofa and sat down crossing her legs.

    “She has limits and I will let you know what they are as we go.” Bette walked behind Tina and cuffed her wrists together. “Relax, I’m going to fuck you so well tonight you won’t be able to walk tomorrow, good thing it’s Sunday and I can look after you,” Bette whispered to ensure that Louis couldn’t hear her.

    Tina relaxed at Bette’s words. Bette laughed. She looked up and signalled to Louis. Louis stood up and stripped out of her dress, revealing she was completed naked under it.

    “I want her to lick me.” Louis said, looking at Bette.

    “You’re a domme, she’s a sub,”

    “She’s your sub,” Louis said.

    “Agh you did listen to me,” Bette grinned. “Pet, lick her and make her cum.”

    Tina crawled across the floor and sat between Louis spread legs, she looked at her waxed pussy, she loved the dark outer lips and the pinkiness inside. Tina moved forward and licked her hard. making Louis moan. Tina loved the sounds she was making as she flicked her tongue over her clit.

    Bette watched them for a moment before moving and getting the strap ons. She knew that Louis wanted to fuck Tina, she took her  off her trousers and panties, opening her shirt to reveal a silk and lace bra, Bette fitted her favourite strap on that had a plug into her own pussy, giving them both maximum pleasure.

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    1. “A fucking white woman being fucked by two black women.”” – Maybe i don’t understand, but why Bette is black? She is mulatto. And call mulatto is black is the same that call mulatto is white

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