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    The Truth About Her

    Tina sat in the middle of the living room floor, Angie strapped to her chest sleeping peacefully as she played with Xavier. Who was happily playing with his Lego. Bette came down the stairs, loving the noise of her family live but she was slightly troubled.

    Bette walked into the kitchen and poured herself a drink looking over at her family, there was a calm in the house, a calm that hadn’t really been in place for a long time. Bette took a deep breath before walking into the living room and sitting into an armchair that she had always loved sitting in.


    “Mmm,” Tina looked up and smiled at her wife.

    “We need to have a chat?”

    “About?” Tina said moving back so that her back was against the sofa but she was close enough to Xaiver that she could help him if he needed.

    “I got a call last night when we were in bed,”

    “You get a lot of calls babe,” Tina said not knowing why she was being told about this call.

    “This one was from Katherine Hawkins,”

    “The artist?” Tina asked, frowning slightly. She knew the woman was attractive.

    “Yes, erm. about twenty years ago when I was young and very stupid I had a one night stand with her,”

    “Okay…” Tina wasn’t sure why her wife was telling her.

    “She was married at the time to a man and tried to sue me for sexual harassment, she tried to take my gallery, my name and my life.” Bette suddenly looked sad.

    Tina slowly got up she unfastened Angie and placed her into her cot. She walked over and sat on the arm of the sofa looking at Bette.

    “Why would she do that?”

    “Money, it blinds people. She wanted me to give her everything. I made a terrible misjudgement by sleeping with her in the first place. She’s not even my type of woman. she’s a vile person.”

    “How did she get your personal number?” Tina asked softly

    “I’m betting Jodi Fucking Learner.” Bette whispered. Her head hanging low. She was still ashamed of what had happened twenty years ago and it didn’t look good for her. it had been a horrible period that she just wanted to go away. She hadn’t thought it was going to be something that would come back and haunt her all these years later.

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    1. Good chapter – I was looking forward to it. A couple things I really loved –

      Tina wanting to give back to, and that she sees she can help others by sharing her experiences. Very strong of her.

      And I loved this, the best lines – “This bitch Katherine will not and I mean this WILL NOT come between us, and will not bring you down. You’ve got this. You’ve got my love and support. You have an amazing family. It’s going to be fine.”

      Katherine will cause trouble, but I believe in Tina’s words.

    2. Very good chapter.

      Loved when Tina told that Katherine can deal with Angie’s shitty diapers if nothing else helps.

      Tina totally support Bette as Bette support her.

      Katherine can bring drama but with them as a union they will handle it.

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