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    The Truth About Her

    “Did you have feelings for Katherine?”

    “No, I was honey, I was a bit of a player,”

    “Like when you met me,” Tina said softly

    Bette looked up, her eyes filled with emotion,

    “You’re so different and you know that. I love you. I’ve never loved or wanted anyone the way I do with you. you’re my world I don’t want anyone else. You know that.”

    “I do but when we meet you were the Player of LA. You’ve done that a lot when you were single. You’re older and wiser now. I’ve put you though enough shit. I know that.”

    “I don’t want anyone but you.” Bette reached out and took her wife’s hand

    “I know, I love you Bette I understand you have a past and sometimes that past is scary.”

    “I shouldn’t have kept it from you.”

    “We all keep things from others. I’m aware of that. Bette, why does this woman scare you more than any others.” Tina could read her wife better than most people

    “She wants a show, if she doesn’t get one I don’t want her to try the harassment element again.”

    “Was the case settled?”

    “It never made it to court. The lawyers made us settle out of court.”

    “I don’t believe you where guilty of anything. We all make mistakes.”

    “This is massive Ti,”

    “I know, but listen baby. She can’t do this to you again. She has to get through me first. And if that doesn’t work she can deal with Angie’s shitty diapers.”

    Bette grinned at that comment,

    “I’m sorry I never told you,”

    “Hey, it’s fine. As long as we are together and you love me and our family I can cope with the rest.”

    “I love you more than you know,” Bette smiled as she took her wife’s hand and kissed her wedding ring. Tina smiled.

    “Erm, I’ve had an email today,”


    “A mental health charity who would like me to donate a piece for auction, they are holding a charity event they would also like me to speak about my own struggles.” Tina said slowly.

    “Which charity?”

    “Vocal About MH.”

    Bette nodded, knowing they were a charity that had helped Tina during her break.

    “Would you like to do it?” Bette asked,

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    1. Good chapter – I was looking forward to it. A couple things I really loved –

      Tina wanting to give back to, and that she sees she can help others by sharing her experiences. Very strong of her.

      And I loved this, the best lines – “This bitch Katherine will not and I mean this WILL NOT come between us, and will not bring you down. You’ve got this. You’ve got my love and support. You have an amazing family. It’s going to be fine.”

      Katherine will cause trouble, but I believe in Tina’s words.

    2. Very good chapter.

      Loved when Tina told that Katherine can deal with Angie’s shitty diapers if nothing else helps.

      Tina totally support Bette as Bette support her.

      Katherine can bring drama but with them as a union they will handle it.

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