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    The Unexpected

    Tina walked into the bar, alone, Bette had sent her in first to see what would happen. They had spent the morning making love and had had a lazy afternoon before they had decided to go out.

    She had texted Bette and told her where she was, knowing that Bette would need to find her. Tina walked over to the bar, sitting down at the far end and signalling for the bar tender. Who nodded and finished the order she was taking. Tina looked around, it was the first time she’d been in a lesbian club in LA as she had avoided them for so long.

    “What can I get ya?” The bar tender asked coming Tina after a few minutes.

    “Red wine please,”

    “House Red?”

    “Yeah that’s fine,” Tina grinned. She could feel eyes on her.

    A woman in a tight fitting black dress, her mass of curls pilled on her head, her sizable breasts were squashed into the dress, which was barely containing them.  she was dark skinned and had dark eyes.

    “Hey, are you alone?” the woman said, she had a lovely low voice pitch, she sounded as sexy as she looked.

    “Erm, yes but I’m not single.” Tina blurted out.

    “That’s a pity,” She smiled. “Pity she’s left you alone in this shit hole.”

    “Bette’s on her way.” Tina managed, she licked her lips, the woman was too close to her, at the mention of Bette’s name she stepped back a little.

    “Bette Porter?” The woman said,

    “Yes,” Tina nodded.

    “You’re the woman she’s been seen around town with, she’s not been out in months. You are one lucky bitch.” The woman grinned. “I mean she’s known, she can make women come just by looking at them.”

    Tina blushed. She didn’t know what to say. she knew that Bette had been a player. God. Bette had picked her up in a bar.

    “She’s got that ability.” Tina admitted as she paid for her wine and took a sip trying to calm herself.

    “You’re hot,” The woman said.

    “Thanks but I’m not interested.”

    “You are but you’ve got Porter. You know I can fuck you just as good,”


    “What? Do you want to feel my long fingers in your pussy,” The woman was in Tina’s personal space her fingers running along Tina’s leg.

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