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    The Wedding Night

    Tina walked into the suite that Bette had arranged for them, overlooking the strip. Bette closed the door and smiled, looking at Tina who was wearing the most amazing white dress that she had bought in New York. She couldn’t believe that an hour ago she had married her. Bette watched as Tina opened the doors onto the balcony, stepping out into the night air.

    Bette opened the bottle of champagne that she had made sure was on ice in their suite. She poured two glasses, she couldn’t believe that they had got married, she’d text Shane and Alice and told them what had happening. they both couldn’t believe it but Bette hadn’t been bothered. She took off her expensive suite jacket, picking up the glasses of champagne she follows Tina out.

    Tina was leaning on the balcony rail, she looked sexy in the white lace and silk dress. Tina had chosen in and Bette couldn’t have been happier to see her looking at good.

    Bette passed Tina the glasses and they raised them to each other, both them taking a drink.

    “You’re mine, now Bette. no turning back,” Tina laughed.

    “I wouldn’t want to turn back. before you I was lonely, now I have you.” Bette put her glass down on the table and wrapped her arms around Tina. “I’ve fucked you over looking New York and tonight I’m going to fuck you overlooking Vegas,”

    “Bette,” Tina was breathless.

    “Mmm,” Bette moaned as she kissed Tina’s neck, loving that her blonde hair was up and out of her face.

    “What if someone hears?” Tina gasped as Bette pulled her dress up, her hand making contact with the stockings that Tina was wearing

    “We’re in the Presidential suite baby,” Bette licked Tina’s neck, “No one will hear you. put your foot on the chair.”

    Tina did as Bette demanded.

    “No Panties,” Bette’s hand touched Tina’s wet centre.

    “No, for you waste of time.”


    “They would have been soaked all night,” Tina moaned as Bette pushed two fingers into her wife.

    “Don’t close your eyes,” Bette said softly.

    Tina looked out over Vegas as Bette pumped into her, Bette’s other hand holding her breast. Playing with her nipple through the lacy material.

    “Bette, baby.” Tina moaned, her hips moving in time with Bette’s fingers. She could feel her body finding that amazing high that Bette had found in her. she put her head on the back onto Bette’s shoulder, her eyes locked on the lights of the city in front of her.

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