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    The Wedding Of The Year

    Press Article.

    Online New source




    President Elizabeth Porter, 45 is to marry her girlfriend, Dr Tina Kennard, 30 today at a private ceremony at the couples home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A picture of the President getting ready for the ceremony has been released via the White House Twitter account. It shows The president wearing a three piece designer suit, her hair lose around her face, smiling into a mirror as her right hand holds onto her cane.

    The Tweet was accompany by “Today is the day I marry her, my world, my love. my light in the darkness.”

    The words from the tweet are believed to be that of Tina Kennard.

    We wish the couple and amazing dates.

    Just to advise all press are banned from the event and the there is currently a no fly zone around the President’s house. The couple have said they will release pictures.


    The Black Water Estate

    The Private Residence of President Elizabeth Porter

    Forest Lane


    New Hampshire



    Bette stood under the arch at the far end of the garden. Her house had more people in it then they ever had. 50 people were joining them for their wedding. Bette had just stood as she had been informed that Tina was coming. She was yet to see Tina. Bette had gone for a dark suit, with a white shirt and purple vest. She cane for the day was also purple. Which she had been told matched the flowers that Tina had.

    The music started to play and Tina made her way down the aisle. Bette turned and her emotions hit her. she felt the tears coming to her eyes. Tina looked like an angel. Her blonde hair curled and flowing over her shoulders and back. Her shoulders were bare as her dress was off the shoulder, it was white and flowed over the floor. The dress clung to her every curve and Bette was breathless looking at her. Tina was smiling softly at her. Tina reached Bette and could see the emotions in her eyes.

    “You look amazing,” Bette whispered.

    “So do you,”

    They both took their seats, as it was easier for Bette to sit.

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    1. Very nice…. very nice wedding. Rosemary Johnson is something else. What is her goal with this tweet? Every person is entitled to live their life as they see appropriate and are free to ignore the expectations of others. They can particularly ignore the expectation of their ex-in-laws.

      Thanks for the chapter.

    2. Dang, Mrs. Johnson needs to leave Bette alone. It was not Bette’s fault, and her daughter knew what she signed on for when she got married. Her daughter not only cheated she was using Bette for her own agenda and if she really knew Victoria she had to know she was not in love with Bette. Great chapter, please post soon.

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