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    The Weekend

    The Private Residence of Bette and Tina.

    142 Hills Drive


    Los Angeles




    Bette propped herself up on her hand and looked at her wife, who was sleeping peacefully beside her. Tina had got too warm in the night and was sleeping topless on her stomach, her hand under her pillow, her blonde hair fanned out as her face was turned away from Bette. Bette was fighting the overwhelming feeing that she wanted to run her fingers down Tina’s smooth, pale back. She loved the feeling of her wife’s skin.

    There was a light knock on the bedroom and Bette naturally pulled the thin sheets up over her wife’s ass and lower back.

    “Come in,” Bette said softly.

    The door opened and Angie poked her head into the room smiling when she saw both her mom’s in bed.

    “Hey, I’m going to Jordie’s, Harry and Phil are going with me,” Angie whispered not wanting to wake her mama up.

    “Okay baby, what time will you be back?”

    “I thought I’d spend the day there, come back for dinner is that okay?”

    “Sure is, enjoy baby, love you.”

    “Love you too mom,” Angie slowly closed the door and Bette smiled, before laying back on her pillow.

    Bette felt Tina move and opened her arms as her wife rolled into her, wrapping her body around her, her head on Bette’s shoulder. After a few moments Tina opened her eyes.

    “Morning” Tina whispered softly as she started to wake up.

    “Hey baby,” Bette kissed her wife’s forehead. Taking in the smell of her hair. She’d missed just holding her.

    “You smell so good,”

    “I smell like me, plus morning breath,” Bette grinned.

    Tina looked up at her wife and smiled. Before slowly moving forward and kissing her softly.

    “It’s never put me off.”

    Bette laughed before pulling Tina too her,

    “Angie has gone to see Jordie,”

    “Just me and you then?”

    “Yes, we can have a nice relaxing day. Angie said she will be home for dinner,”

    “Mmm,” Tina relaxed back into her wife, just enjoying the fact that she was in her arms. “This feels good,”

    “It does.” Bette grinned as she listened to Tina’s stomach rumble. “Hungry?”

    “Mmm,” Tina didn’t move she had closed her eyes again.

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    1. I remember a story with the same name. It’s when Tina left Bette, went to London for five years and returns to LA. Tina had slashed her wrists in attempted suicide. Anyway she catches up with Bette who delivered a daughter named Angelica. That’s the story as I remember it

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