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    The Weekend

    Bette rubbed her back, she felt Tina drifted back off, she knew that when they were apart Tina didn’t sleep well, it was the same for her but she could live of less sleep. She just lay there and enjoyed her woman in her arms. Closing her own eyes.



    The Private Residence of Bette and Tina.

    142 Hills Drive


    Los Angeles




    Bette moved around the kitchen as she cooked her family, something she had learnt to do recently when Tina had taken the job in Canada. She knew she had to look after herself and Angie, she had found herself enjoying it and finding it relaxing. She was now making dinner for her, Tina and Angie. She smiled as she heard the laughter from the living room of her wife and daughter. They were joking around and playing a game together. Angie was always happier when her mother was home. Bette threw  a kitchen towel over her shoulder and starting to put their salad together as Tina walked in, holding an empty glass.

    “Wow don’t you look domesticated.” Tina smiled as she opened the fridge and took out the carton of juice.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” Bette asked as she started to serve up the family dinner.

    “Just that the world doesn’t get to see this soft side of Bette Porter.” Tina said as she poured a drink.

    “I don’t want the world to see this side of me,”

    “Why not?” Angie asked as she walked in, carrying her own glass putting it onto the counter “Please can I have some juice Mama,”

    “Sure,” Tina smiled.

    “Because, Angie, this is private, whatever happens behind closed doors is private, my life with you and mama is very important to me. It’s a life I’ve worked very hard to build and keep. I love you both and somethings, even in this race to the White House have got to be kept private,”

    “I get that Mom,” Angie smiled, “You don’t want the world to know the time you burnt the chicken and the fire alarm wouldn’t stop.”

    “Or the time you tried to pass off take out as your own cooking,” Tina laughed.

    “Or when you tried to cook Mexican food and made it so spicy Alice couldn’t stop coughing.”

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    1. I remember a story with the same name. It’s when Tina left Bette, went to London for five years and returns to LA. Tina had slashed her wrists in attempted suicide. Anyway she catches up with Bette who delivered a daughter named Angelica. That’s the story as I remember it

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